Obelepédia and Wiki Movimento Brasil

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Have you ever heard of OBL?

OBL is the Portuguese acronym for Brazilian Linguistic Olympiad, an open and free event that has been hosted for over 10 years, inviting its participants to expand their logical-analytical abilities, their linguistic intuition, and their vision about the peoples around the world, based on a interdisciplinary approach.

Part of OBL is #Obelepédia– a competition that happens during Phase 3 of the Brazilian Linguistic Olympiad and involves the creation of an encyclopedic article on Wikipedia. Students have two weeks to write an encyclopedic article about any language in the world, in all its details, and after this time the students publish their completed articles on the Portuguese #Wikipedia.

Wiki Movimento Brasil participated in the announcement of the Obelepédia winners

Érica Azzellini, community manager at WMB, had the honour of announcing the winners alongside Artur Corrêa, one of the organizers of the event.

In Érica Azzellini’s words: Obelepédia is a very beautiful initiative that proves how youngsters can perform high-level edits inside Wikipedia. Besides the content itself, the participants’ contributions also take place on a community level: they’re a real example of good practices for integrating new and experienced users. We hope many of them continue editing Wikipedia in various topics and supporting the arrival or new people.

The project was very special and involved 58 participants; 16 created articles and 54 improved articles.

Such initiative only reinforces Wiki Movimento Brasil’s commitment as an organization in order to expand, qualify and diversify the content and the community in Wikimedia projects, especially in Wikipedia in Brazil 🇧🇷

See below the list of winning articles 👇🏼

🏆 Adamorobe Sign Language: Won the Honorable Star. It’s the first sign language article of the competition.

🏆 Resígaro language: Bronze star. This language currently has only one living speaker.

🏆 Sinhala language: Silver star. Sinhala is spoken by about 18 million people, 16 million of them concentrated in Sri Lanka and the remaining ones spread around other countries.

🏆 Latvian language: Gold star. Considered the official language of Latvia, it’s the most spoken language of the country, with 62% of its population having it as their first language.

Want to know more about these articles? Why not checking them out right now available on #Wikipedia?

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