UEW Gurene students translate Africa Union-related articles

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Students at the University of Education (Ajumako Campus) in Ghana, held a session to digitize Africa in the Gurene language.

The students who are members of the Gurene Wikimedia Community translated administrative bodies associated with the African Union.

The goal of the session was to increase the visibility of Gurene on the internet and to make it easier for Gurene speakers to access information about Africa.

The students’ work is an important step towards digitizing Africa in Gurene languages. By translating the names of these administrative bodies, the students have made it easier for Gurene speakers to understand the structure of the African Union and to participate in its work.

The students’ work can also be seen as a contribution to the broader effort to promote the use of Gurene on the internet. By making Gurene-language content more accessible, the students are helping to ensure that Gurene speakers have a voice in the digital world.

The session was a success, and the students were able to translate a significant number of terms. The translated terms are now available on the Gurene Wikipedia website, which can be found at gur.wikipedia.org.

The students’ work is an inspiration to others who are working to digitize Africa in their own languages.

By making their language more visible on the internet, these students are helping to ensure that their culture and heritage are preserved for future generations.

The session led by its co-founder Daniel Abugre Anyorigya was supported by the Open Forum for West Africa (OFWA) and Wikimedia, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia.

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