Summary of: How to be Wikipedian 2023

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Wikimedians of the Levant recently published the “How To Be Wikipedian” project, which have been organized by Rotana Nawwaf Al Hasant in Jordan, This post shares a summary of the outcomes and the feedback.

In May 2023, the first season was started, and based on the plan that have been provided by Rotana Nawwaf Al Hasanat, the project was divided into two parts, the first one was a 3 in- person sessions, and the second part is editing competition.

This incredible initiative recently took place in Jordan ( Amman), and aimed to cultivate a new wave of editors and empower them with the skills to edit Arabic Wikipedia. The project brought together aspiring individuals who were passionate about contributing to the world of knowledge and making a lasting impact. With the guidance of experienced mentors and the support of the Wikimedia Levant community, the participants embarked on a transformative journey to become proficient Wikipedians.

Over the project, the participants engaged in interactive workshops, discussions, and hands-on editing sessions. They learned the ins and outs of editing articles, navigating the Wikipedia platform, and adhering to the community guidelines. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by everyone involved were truly inspiring.

We are delighted to announce that the project yielded exceptional results! As a result of the participants’ hard work and dedication, a staggering total of 104 new articles were generated on Arabic Wikipedia. This influx of fresh content will undoubtedly enrich the Arabic Wikipedia community and contribute to the accessibility of knowledge in the region.

Based on the statistics, we generated: (491) articles edited, (34) commons uploads, (117 K) edits and (198 K) article views.

Furthermore, the project achieved another significant milestone by nurturing and welcoming 18 new editors into the Arabic Wikipedia community. These individuals, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, are poised to become active contributors and ambassadors of Arabic Wikipedia, shaping the future of this invaluable platform.

The “How to be Wikipedian” project stands as a shining example of how grassroots initiatives can drive positive change and empower individuals to become agents of knowledge. By cultivating a new generation of editors, this project has laid a solid foundation for the continued growth and development of Arabic Wikipedia.

We congratulate the participants on their achievements and welcome them as valuable contributors to the world of online knowledge. Together, we can build a more inclusive, diverse, and comprehensive encyclopedia that represents the voices and perspectives of all. Let us continue to inspire, create, and collaborate for a better future.

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