Introducing Wiki Project Pragati

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The Way To Discover Lost Heritage


Wiki Project Pragati primarily focuses on donating media to the Wikimedia movement through the commons and improvement of Wikipedia articles. We will extend our work on Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikivoyage later. This project inspired by ‘Project Korikath Bangladesh’ after discussed in Wikimedia conference India-2023 with the Project Korikath team. So we decided to start such a project and accepted this idea. The inclusion of all the locations, structures, and monuments in Wikimedia Commons is the primary driving force behind our effort, of course. There are many Wikipedia entries that require photographs, but because those pages aren’t as popular, people rarely upload images of them. We are beginning this effort in order to fill these gaps. Basically Project Pragati will focused on India but also we are dedicated to collaborate with international Wikimedia volunteer. Our project’s initial focus is on locations, memorials, heritage sites, mosques, temples, churches, and landmarks, etc.

Our Goals and Ambition

Raza Library India's biggest repository of Indo-Islamic cultural heritage.

Pragati is a common Indian name that means “progress (प्रगति)”. The Project encompasses tangible and intangible, natural and cultural, movable and immovable and documentary, photography assets inherited from the past and transmitted to future generations by virtue of their irreplaceable value. The term ‘heritage’ has evolved considerably over time. Initially referring exclusively to the monumental remains of cultures, the concept of heritage has gradually been expanded to embrace living culture and contemporary expressions as well.

The project serves as a catalyst for the documentation and preservation of the invaluable Heritage and cultural. Utilizing Wikimedia projects and tools, this initiative harnesses the collective knowledge, passion, and expertise of a global community. By telling the stories of heritage and culture, we ensure that their cultural heritage is not lost to the passage of time, and celebrating cultural heritage. Heritage represents the pinnacle of human achievement in architecture, history, and cultural heritage preservation. These monuments are living testaments to our shared history, traditions, and values. They provide us with a glimpse into the ingenuity, creativity, and cultural diversity of past civilizations. By preserving and celebrating, we enrich our understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabited.

  • Capturing and inserting appropriate pictures in the articles related to monuments or landmarks of different places that currently have no picture.
  • Article creation and documentation that in present place articles is not exist on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.
  • Training for the newcomers to Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia
  • Collaborations with the international community and different languages to increase article number on wikipedia.
  • Participate international wiki photo contest and promote that.
  • GLAM Activities and Collaboration With Wiki World Heritage User Group.

What Have We Achieved So Far?

We have done successfully for photowalk in india in overall captured more than 500 photos so far almost 300 photos has been uploaded on commons, Include heritage site, mosque, temple and other monuments.


J Ansari

Co-founder Wiki Project Pragati He is a long term Wikimedian in the Wikimedia movement and he has done many contests as organizer.

Khushi Shah

She is a recipient of the Martin Weaver Research scholarship awarded by the Association of Preservation Technology for her research on the conversation of Pol houses of Ahmedabad. Currently, she is coordinator at Wikimedia World_Heritage_User_Group.  Associated with several heritage organisations like ICOMOS, ISCARSAH, APTAPT (Association for Preservation Technology), ESACHESACH, EUROPA NOSTRA, ASCE etc.


This was the seccond meeting Wiki Project Pragati conducted an online meeting of Wikimedians on 15 july 2023. 5 participants joined this meeting. the aim of meeting Project Working Strategy, Collaboration With Wiki World Heritage User Group and Resources For Project

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