Empowering the Moore Wikimedia Community: A Successful Orthography Training Workshop

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Greetings to all members of the vibrant Moore Wikimedia Community,

We are excited to share the success of our recent Orthography Training Workshop, a crucial step in equipping our community members with the necessary skills to contribute to the Moore language Wikipedia on the Moore Incubator. As co-leads of the Moore Wikimedia Community, we take great pride in nurturing a community of enthusiastic editors and newbies who are passionate about preserving and enriching the Moore language.

The training was held at the prestigious Tamale College of Education in Tamale, and it was heartening to see the enthusiasm of the participants who showed up from various regions. Before the workshop, we had shared a Google registration form across different Moore WhatsApp platforms, inviting community members, especially newcomers, to sign up for the event. We are pleased to report that 38 individuals registered for the training, demonstrating the strong commitment of our community.

Cross section of Moore participants recieving training

While we had 38 registrations, 22 participants were able to attend the training physically at the Tamale College of Education, where they were welcomed by our team with open arms and warm smiles. The highlight of the training was the presence of an expert in Moore linguistics, who led the participants through an insightful session on Moore orthography writing. This expert’s knowledge and passion for the language resonated with the attendees, creating an engaging and inspiring learning experience. The participants not only grasped the fundamentals of Moore orthography but also learned how to effectively use it to edit and produce high-quality articles on the Moore Incubator.

Furthermore, we ensured that every participant received personalized guidance in creating their usernames. This small yet important step is crucial in fostering a sense of identity and ownership within the community. As we moved forward with the training, we witnessed the creation of a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere among our community members. The experienced editors shared their wisdom with the newbies, and the newbies brought fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the table. This camaraderie solidified our belief in the power of unity within the Moore Wikimedia Community.

With the newfound knowledge and skills acquired during the training, we are confident that our community members will continue to contribute significantly to the Moore Incubator, enriching it with valuable articles that showcase the beauty and depth of the Moore language. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and dedication throughout the training. Together, we embark on a journey to preserve our cultural heritage and foster a love for the Moore language.

Let us continue to work hand in hand, building bridges of knowledge and understanding, for the betterment of the Moore Wikimedia Community.

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