Empowering Young Women: Unleashing the Potential of Female Contribution in Open Projects

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The Wiki Green Conference 2023 brought together passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss the crucial issue of harnessing the interest of young ladies in contributing to Wikipedia and other open projects. The second panel discussion delved into various perspectives, shedding light on the barriers and opportunities faced by women in engaging with these platforms. From the insights shared by Ruby Damenshie-Brown of Open Foundation West Africa, Priscilla Sedinam Djentuh of Let’s do it Ghana, Anita Ofori of Women in Sustainability Africa and  Abigail Afi Gbadago of OpenStreetMap Ghana. They explore the paths to empower young ladies and foster their active participation in shaping knowledge on the web.

Wiki Green Conference 2023 in Accra
Wiki Green Conference 2023 in Accra

Bridging the Knowledge Gap through Active Outreach

During the engaging panel discussion, Miss Afi Gbadago raised a crucial point that despite previous outreach efforts, active participation still presents a challenge in the realm of open projects. To overcome this hurdle and foster a culture of inclusivity, She highlighted the need of community-driven initiatives. She recognized that moving beyond event promotion and actively engaging with communities was key to inspiring lasting contributions from young women.

Emphasizing the need for a tailored approach, Miss Afi Gbadago proposed creating a supportive network specifically catered to the needs of female contributors. This network would act as a safe and empowering space where young ladies could freely express their thoughts, share their experiences, and contribute to various open projects with confidence. By cultivating a sense of belonging, these initiatives would not only encourage active participation but also strengthen the collective impact of female voices in the digital landscape.

She further stressed the value of encouraging local meetups, workshops, and mentoring sessions. These face-to-face interactions would serve as invaluable opportunities for young ladies to connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and receive guidance from experienced contributors. Through mentorship, aspiring female contributors could gain valuable insights and support, further nurturing their enthusiasm for knowledge sharing and content creation.

Ultimately, the vision put forth by the her was one of empowerment and collective growth. By promoting community-driven initiatives and fostering a supportive environment, the barriers to active participation for young ladies would gradually dissolve.

Abigail Afi Gbadago
Abigail Afi Gbadago

Skill-building and Knowledge Sharing

Mrs. Damenshie-Brown emphasized the importance of skill-building as a means to bridge the gap between interest and active participation. She pointed out that many young women are unaware of their potential to contribute to Wikipedia and other open projects. To address this, she advocated for educating the youth about these platforms, offering guidance on how to contribute effectively, and providing hands-on training.

By empowering young women with the necessary skills, they can navigate the online space confidently. She suggested that skill-building efforts should focus on topics that align with young women’s interests, such as climate issues, gender equality, and social justice, as this can inspire them to share their unique perspectives and experiences on these subjects.

Ruby Damenshie-Brown
Ruby Damenshie-Brown

Involvement of Educational Institutions

Mrs. Ofori passionately emphasized the critical need for forging partnerships with educational institutions as a means to effectively engage with the youth. Recognizing the formidable impact of early exposure, she advocated for proactive measures to foster an environment where young individuals embrace the spirit of contribution to open projects.

Through regular talks, workshops, and educational campaigns, Mrs. Ofori envisioned a vibrant platform for inspiring and empowering the youth. By reaching out to schools, educators, and students alike, the goal was to instill a sense of curiosity and excitement about participating in open projects from a tender age. The belief was that by introducing them to the world of knowledge sharing early on, they would develop a lasting interest in contributing their unique insights and perspectives to the global community.

In her vision for an enriched educational landscape, Mrs. Ofori encouraged schools to integrate digital literacy and content creation into their curriculum. By equipping young ladies with the necessary digital skills and knowledge, they could confidently navigate the vast expanse of the online realm. Empowered with the know-how of creating and sharing content responsibly, these young women would be well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to various open projects and platforms.

Priscilla Sedinam Djentuh
Priscilla Sedinam Djentuh

Encouraging Representation and Diverse Views

Miss Djentuh passionately emphasized the transformative power of representation in effecting positive change. She underscored the importance of promoting diverse perspectives on platforms like Wikipedia and other open projects. By showcasing a wide array of voices and viewpoints, these platforms can inspire young women to recognize their potential as valuable contributors, empowering them to actively participate in shaping knowledge and narratives.

As a driving force behind this endeavor, Miss Djentuh advocated for encouraging female editors to take on mentorship roles and train young ladies in the art of contributing effectively. Providing guidance and support to budding contributors can be instrumental in boosting their confidence and fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

In her vision of an inclusive knowledge-sharing ecosystem, Miss Djentuh saw the tremendous impact of highlighting the achievements of women who have already made significant contributions to these platforms. By celebrating the accomplishments of female role models, young ladies are inspired to follow in their footsteps and embrace their own potential to make a meaningful impact.

Through the combination of representation, mentorship, and recognition, Miss Djentuh believed that the landscape of open projects could be enriched with diverse perspectives and fresh insights. By nurturing a supportive environment that celebrates the achievements of women and embraces their unique contributions, these platforms can become catalysts for positive change and empowerment.


In conclusion, empowering young ladies to actively contribute to Wikipedia and other open projects demands a comprehensive and multi-faceted strategy. Through active outreach, we can reach a broader audience and raise awareness about the opportunities for young women to participate. Skill-building initiatives are essential in bridging the knowledge gap and equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate the online space with confidence.

Engaging educational institutions as partners in this endeavor is crucial. By incorporating digital literacy and content creation into their curriculum, schools can play a pivotal role in nurturing a new generation of knowledgeable and empowered female contributors.

Moreover, promoting diverse views and representation is fundamental in inspiring young women to see themselves as valued contributors in the global knowledge-sharing community. Encouraging mentorship and recognizing the achievements of female role models can further motivate them to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

By fostering a welcoming and supportive environment, we create a space where young ladies feel encouraged to express themselves, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse online knowledge ecosystem. Together, we can create a future where the voices of women are amplified, their contributions celebrated, and their impact felt across open projects and beyond. Embracing this holistic approach, we have the potential to unlock a wealth of untapped knowledge and insights, enriching the collective knowledge of humankind. Let us unite in this mission and work towards a brighter future where every voice is heard and every contribution matters.

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