Your Wikimania travel checklist: what to know before you go

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We have some information to help you prepare!

Before arriving in Singapore

1) Arrival Card: all travelers, regardless of whether they require a visa, need to complete an SG Arrival Card within 72 hours of arriving in Singapore. Read about the Arrival Card and complete it before your departure. There is the option to complete upon arrival, however the process is expedited if you complete before.

2) Proof of yellow fever vaccination required: Singapore requires proof of yellow fever vaccination from many countries, in particular countries in Latin America and Africa. Please check the list and ensure you have proof if you are traveling from one of these countries.

3) Some medications not allowed: some medications that are common in many parts of the world are not permitted in Singapore. Read more about medication restrictions and check whether yours are permitted on our Travel page.

4) Preparing to get to your hotel: Google Maps works very well in Singapore and provides comprehensive directions for driving, walking and public transport. We recommend looking at your route on Google Maps ahead of time, or even downloading offline maps to work when you don’t have data or wifi. We also recommend downloading the Grab app (iOS and Android) ahead of time, which works very well for catching rides around Singapore. The Changi Airport has excellent free airport wifi. Upon arrival you will be able to look at your route and get a Grab using the airport wifi. The app will guide you to your airport pickup point, but you can also review the Grab pickup points ahead of time. There are also airport taxis and trains readily available.

Packing your bags

And now, for the fun stuff!

It’s time to get fashionably wiki! We’d like to invite you to bring your favorite local cultural attire with you to wear at the opening ceremony. Come show off your culture in style! We will also be hosting a Wiki Fashion Show, so bring all your Wikimedia swag from years past!

This year we will have all sorts of fun things in our goodie bags, but the t-shirt this year is print-your-own. Take a look at our Designs page for the official t-shirt design, as well as additional illustrations you can add to make your Wikimania Singapore shirt your own! There is shirt printing available in Singapore if you’d like to print and pick up on arrival.

We also welcome goodies like sweets, postcards and stickers to share with others at the designated area in the Expo hall.

For practical packing suggestions, as well as other information about SIM cards, adapters, etc. please see our Travel page.

Getting to know the virtual platform, eventyay

Finally, even though you’re joining in person, the eventyay virtual platform has features for you! You can update your profile on eventyay, adding a photo and a bio so that others can easily connect with you. You can also use eventyay to browse sessions and build your own schedule so that you can stay organized at Wikimania. Just visit the Schedule tab, and, when you see a session you’re interested in, click the circle to “Add to my schedule”. You can learn more about eventyay by watching our orientation video.

We await your arrival!

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