UNESCO World Press Freedom Day 2024: Help us build a roadmap for an Advocacy and Public Policy gathering for the global Wikimedia community

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The UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Conference is scheduled to take place in Chile in May 2024. Recognizing the significance of this event as an opportunity, Wikimedia Chile aims to host a gathering for the global Wikimedia community, focusing on discussions related to Advocacy and Public Policy matters.

The primary objective of this gathering is to facilitate the exchange of experiences, establish networks among advocacy leaders worldwide, and underscore its significance in achieving the Wikimedia movement’s objectives. 

Currently, we are actively promoting a community engagement survey to understand the level of interest within our community for this event, as well as to identify crucial advocacy and public policy themes from different regions. 

To submit your insights please fill out the form. Your responses will assist us in refining the agenda and crafting a well-structured program for the event.

Looking forward to receiving your proposals and insights.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us (in English or Spanish) at: contacto@wikimediachile.cl

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