Special Thanks to some WMF staff who supported me a lot at Wikimania 2023

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 In this article, I would like to appreciate some of the Wikimedia Foundation staff who supported me a lot at Wikimania 2023 in Singapore.

Chris Koerner

It is a great pleasure for me to finally meet Chris Koerner, an organizer of Diff, which is a Wikimedia Community blog. Chris always gives me kind comments about my Diff posts. Thanks to them, I am encouraged to make more articles. At Wikimania 2023, we had a lunch and exchanged our experiences and opinions. It was really exciting!

Wikimedia Commons [[File:Koerner, Chris Jan 2020.jpg]] (Myleen Hollero, CC-BY-SA 3.0) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Koerner,_Chris_Jan_2020.jpg

Mehrdad Pourzaki

Mehrdad Pourzaki was an organizer of the Wikimedian of the Year ceremony and made an interview article of the awardees. As one of the them, I was really supported by Mehrdad. Mehrdad always took care about participants and eased my tension about the speech. In addition, Mehrdad introduced many Wikimedians all over the world to me. Thanks to the support, I could learn a lot about Wikimedia Movement outside my community and make many friends!

Wikimedia Commons [[File:Mehrdad Pourzaki in Sitges.jpg]] (ZMcCune (WMF), CC-BY-SA 4.0) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mehrdad_Pourzaki_in_Sitges.jpg

Vidhu Goyal

Vidhu Goyal gave me some chances, such as TV interview, Newspaper interview, and Radio interview. Those interviews were good opportunities for me to summarize my ideas and activities in English.

Sakti Hendra Pramudya

At Wikimania 2023, I had a discussion with Sakti Hendra Pramudya about some topics, for example, Japanese Wikimedia Community, the use of Wikipedia Library, and grant system. Sakti also gave me a special opportunity; lunch meeting with UNESCO staff, who were interested in open culture and education. At this meeting, I could introduce some Japanese examples, such as the activities of Student Wikipedian Community in Waseda University Tokyo, the Wikipedia lectures which Dr. Sae Kitamura hosts in Musashi University Tokyo, and the collaboration between Oya Soichi Library (Tokyo) and Japanese Wikimedians. I hope our conversation helps to strengthen the collaboration between Wikimedia Movement and UNESCO.

Wikimedia Commons [[File:Pramudya, Sakti Jan2019.jpg]] (Myleen Hollero, CC-BY-SA 3.0) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pramudya,_Sakti_Jan2019.jpg

Junko Nakayama

The staff I am most grateful for is Junko Nakayama, a Japanese staff of Wikimedia Foundation. When I felt difficulties in communicating in English, she helped me as a translator. She also introduced various people to me,such as WMF staff or Wikimedians who are interested in university student community. Thanks to her support, I could fully enjoy Wikimania 2023.

Wikimedia Commons [[File:JNakayama-WMF.jpg]] (JNakayama-WMF, CC-BY-SA 4.0) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:JNakayama-WMF.jpg

Thank you all!

I know that there are also numerous people who created Wikimania 2023; Wikimedia Foundation staff, Core Organizing Team, and many volunteers. I appreciate all of you!

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