The UCoC Coordinating Committee draft charter needs your review

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Improving community health in a large, global community like the movement takes time and careful thought. Just four years ago this month, the Universal Code of Conduct conversations began in a room at Wikimania in Stockholm. Today, there is a collaboratively-created and implemented Universal Code of Conduct and Enforcement Guidelines and a draft of the Charter for the committee caring for the future of the UCoC in our movement.

The Enforcement Guidelines mention the creation of a committee to oversee the implementation, training resources and the annual review and update of the UCoC and Enforcement Guidelines. This committee is called the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). In June 2023, the Building Committee for the U4C (U4CBC) started creating a charter for the U4C and today they invite the community’s input regarding the U4C charter. This community consultation will be open from 28 August through 22 September 2023.

About the authors of the U4C Charter

The U4CBC is composed of eight volunteers from the movement, located throughout the world. The Committee started off with an outline, provided by the Wikimedia Foundation, that contained the necessary points that the U4C Charter must contain, based on the UCoC and the Enforcement Guidelines. Using the document as a template, the Committee met once a week for eight weeks to draft the charter. Final decisions were made in extra meetings at Wikimania in Singapore mid-August 2023. You can read more about the process in the U4CBC’s meeting summaries.

Participate in the community consultation

Read the charter
You can read the U4C charter on Meta-wiki. It has been translated into 8 languages.

Comment on the talk page
If you have comments, questions or concerns, this is the best place to share them. If you would rather share your thoughts more privately, you may email ucocproject{{@}} and your email will be shared with the U4C Building Committee.

Attend a conversation hour
There are several options for conversation hours. Conversation details will be confirmed over the next few weeks and confirmed on the Meta-wiki page linked below. You will also find the languages supported during these conversations. Please sign up on the Meta-wiki page to show your interest.

Encourage others to join the conversation
This Universal Code of Conduct process was built by a community of volunteers from a broad range of locations and life experiences. The conversation from earlier parts of the process proves how important inclusive dialogue is to our movement.

What happens next?

The next step in this process is now for the Building Committee to consider and reflect on the comments and conversations from the comment period. U4C Building Committee members will discuss this information and prepare the Charter for ratification. More information and a detailed timeline about next steps is on the U4CBC project page on Meta-wiki

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