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As part of the activities leading up to the GLAM Wiki Conference, we (Wikimedistas de Uruguay) would like to invite the Wikimedia community to an open meeting on the expectations and possible outcomes of the Conference. At the Conference, we want to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify strategic priorities for the heritage, open culture and Wikimedia community for the promotion of equitable knowledge, diversity and inclusion.
  • Exchange and build capacity around GLAM Wiki collaborative tools.
  • Reflect, discuss and think about new roadmaps for Wikimedia community tools and platforms, in particular in relation to the release of multimedia content.
  • Reconnect after the pandemic, re-network and re-think among all the people involved in the future of GLAM Wiki and the community of activists and professionals dedicated to open access to heritage.

In particular, points 2 and 3 seek to generate conversations around some long-standing issues identified by the Wikimedia community working with heritage institutions: the limited ability of the tools we have to offer reliable workflows to institutions that want to make massive donations of content and to obtain reliable statistics on the impact that content is having across Wikimedia platforms.

The goal of this call (which will be followed by two more calls in October and November) is to help map the needs, possible solutions and priorities for moving forward in the conversations we will have in person in Montevideo and later online. 

The call will take place on September 6 at 2 PM UTC (check your local time here) and we will offer simultaneous interpretation into English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 

We recommend the following documents for further reading:


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