Learnings from the UNLOCK Accelerator cross-affiliate Wikimedia collaboration you will want to know

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Dive into our Wikimania Session and learnings from the InnoLab collaboration

At the Wikimania Conference 2023 in Singapore we presented our insights from our cross-affiliate Wikimedia collaboration. Additionally, our session explored our comprehensive Collaboration Playbook, which sheds light on the learnings, setbacks, and triumphs that have shaped our ongoing InnoLab collaboration.

We had the honor to hold a session during this year’s Wikimania Conference in Singapore, an opportunity that allowed us to showcase our cross-affiliate collaboration. In total, we are nine people from six Wikimedia affiliates working together on Re-Imagining UNLOCK, spanning six cultures and three time zones. We have both chapters as well as user groups on board: Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya, Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania, Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda, Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia Serbia.

Five of us were there in person at the Wikimania Conference to collectively hold a session about our joint work so far. What made this even more exciting for us was the fact that this was the very first time most of us met face to face – a truly celebratory moment for us! 

In this recorded version of the session, we unveil the first insights and challenges of our collaborative journey thus far. Tune in to discover not only our most significant setback but also how this collaboration started and what our next steps will be. In this session we also share some outcomes of our collaboration the first time, revealing some of the ideas we have been working on.

Our session starts at 2:12:30

We are very proud of this collaboration and have therefore created a Collaboration Playbook that serves both as a testament to our shared achievements as well as hopefully an inspiration to others wanting to embark on similar journeys of cooperation and co-creation on their own. This Playbook sheds light on the highlights and learnings that have shaped our collaboration this far. 

In this Collab Playbook you’ll also get to know each and every one of our partners. We have included short interviews with all of us, highlighting our work and our cooperation. 

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