Wikimedia Indonesia’s 2023–2027 Strategic Plan is now available

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Wikimedia Indonesia is pleased to announce that the 2023–2027 strategic plan has been finally approved. This post will dive into this plan and see what it means for Wikimedia Indonesia’s future.

Rachmat04, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Indonesia is a non-profit organization promoting free knowledge in Indonesian and local languages in Indonesia. We envision a future where every Indonesian can freely access, share, and contribute to knowledge. This vision aligns with the principles of the Wikimedia movement: emphasizing openness, collaboration, and resilience.

The strategic plan outlines six key focus areas that will guide Wikimedia Indonesia’s efforts over the next five years:

  1. Expanding access to knowledge: One of the central missions of the Wikimedia movement is to make knowledge accessible to all. We aim to break down barriers to access by improving the availability of content in the Indonesian language and local languages, such as Minangkabau, Banjarese, and Gorontalo. This includes increasing the number of Wikipedia articles, multimedia resources on Wikimedia Commons, and Wikidata items.
  2. Strengthening community engagement: Our strategic plan stresses the importance of caring for and growing our Wikimedia communities in Indonesia. This means helping out our community members and ensuring everyone feels welcome and supported in our environment.
  3. Understanding public needs: In this direction, we aim to engage more closely with existing partners who have been working with us since their early days by conducting targeted research on public needs. We are also working to learn more about audience preferences by providing multiple forms of social media content to enable more people to connect with our organization and participate in our programs.
  4. Advancing education and outreach: We are committed to collaborating with educational institutions, libraries, and other GLAM organizations to promote the use of Wikimedia projects in education and the cultural sector. This includes training educators, students, and the public on effectively using and contributing to Wikimedia platforms. 
  5. Advocating for open knowledge: Wikimedia Indonesia will actively promote practices championing open knowledge and free access to information. This effort entails socializing and collaborating with policymakers, stakeholders, and the public to highlight the significance of open knowledge accessibility.
  6. Strengthening organizational resilience: Wikimedia Indonesia has established organizational structures and governance to grow in management and internal capacity over the past few years. We look to provide opportunities for our staff to develop themselves and unlock other funding streams.

Any strategic plan must have mechanisms to measure its success, and our plan is no exception. The organization will track its progress through various metrics, including the number of articles, contributors, events, partnerships, and the impact of advocacy efforts. Regular evaluations help ensure the plan remains on track and adapts to changing circumstances.

As supporters of open knowledge and collaborative information sharing, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact that this strategic plan will have on Wikimedia projects in Indonesia and beyond. To learn more about our strategic plan, visit this page. Together, we can help shape a brighter future for information sharing and access to knowledge.

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