Project Korikath celebrates its first birthday!

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The first image of Project Korikath was uploaded by a 17 years old Wikimedian on August 16, 2022 who was going to attend his high school classes. He randomly clicked a photo of one of the tallest building of Bangladesh on his way, noticed that the building has very few images on Wikimedia Commons comparing to its fame among the local people, and he uploaded it. He found it rewarding, kept clicking and uploading images from his surroundings, added them to Wikimedia project pages, brought his non-Wikimedian friends to Wikimedia Commons, named this initiative as Project Korikath and thus the project came into light! Phew!!

The amazing logo of Project Korikath was designed by User:Meghmollar2017 and it is now available under CC BY SA 4.0.

Now the project has 17.5k+ images and videos, 350+ of them are quality images on Commons, three of them are valued, one is featured (also commons POTD), and one video was used as the “media of the day” on 5 March, 2023. The media files have been used in over 3k Wikimedia project pages and received a total view count of an overwhelming number of over 6 million so far. The project has over 50 members from seven countries who collectively can communicate in 11 languages. And the best part is, most of them are young and high schoolers. The members have together conducted more than 50 photo walks, 3 photo tours and one Wikipedia editing campaign – everything without any grant support from the Wikimedia Foundation.

The motto is simple, bring frames from your surroundings to Wikimedia Commons and help the world see them. We try to bridge the gap in visual knowledge in Wikimedia Projects regarding local topics. Our work is extending very fast and we are also doing spin offs! “Project Mowrossih“, “Project Shoili” are just two of them who are going to come public at any moment – stay tuned to learn more!

If you’re reading this part of the short (!) blog, congratulations! You’ve survived the quick fire round.

If you want to know more (In the tranquil embrace of our surroundings, perchance cradling steaming cups of coffee in our gentle grasp!), you can mail us at

Or if you’re more of a person of action, just push the bright blue button at the bottom of this page and make your hands dirty!

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