Call for Highlight Videos for WikiWomenCamp 2023: Showcasing Impactful Work Addressing Gender Gap

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As the Wikimedia movement continues to grow and evolve, it is important to reflect the incredible work being done by Wikimedians worldwide. 

It is with this objective that the WikiWomenCamp 2023 team seeks Highlight Videos that capture the essence of your gender gap projects and inspire others to contribute. 

In this blog, we call upon all Wikimedians to create and share their impactful work addressing the gender gap in the movement.

Showcasing Impact

The Highlight Videos will present a concise and visually appealing snapshot of the projects, initiatives, and achievements within the Wikimedia movement. 

They serve as a platform for sharing success stories, showcasing the diverse range of contributions, and inspiring others to get involved. 

Whether it’s a local community event, a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, or a project aimed at increasing content diversity, every effort deserves to be celebrated and highlighted.

What we’re looking for

We invite you to submit short 3-5 minute videos highlighting your projects, initiatives, or efforts that have made a significant difference in addressing the gender gap

We know that many of you are doing remarkable work in various corners of the world, and we want to shine a spotlight on your achievements.

Why Short Videos

Our camp sessions are extensive, covering a wide range of topics and discussions. 

In the interest of time and with a commitment to showcasing the amazing initiatives across our movement, we believe that short videos are an effective way to capture and share the essence of your work.

How your Videos will be Used

The selected videos will be featured on our social media channels and played during breaks at the camp. 

This provides an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your work to a broader audience and inspire others to get involved or collaborate with you.

Submission Guidelines

  • Videos should be 3-5 minutes in length.
  • Please focus on the impact of your work, highlighting how it contributes to addressing the “gender gap”.
  • Be creative and engage in your presentation.
  • Ensure video quality is clear and audible.
  • Narration (Optional): If possible, include a brief voiceover or text captions to provide context and explanation.
  • Language: While English is preferred for wider accessibility, videos in other languages are also welcome. Kindly ensure that non-English videos are accompanied by English subtitles or captions.

Submission Deadline

To be considered for inclusion in our camp programming, please submit your videos by Thursday, 5 October 2023

Late submissions may still be featured later on our social media channels.

How to Submit

To avoid any issues with file sizes, we recommend using a file transfer service like WeTransfer or Google Drive while sharing your videos with us at . 

In your email, include a brief description of your project, affiliate name / your name or username, and contact information.

In closing, 

Together, we can continue to make a difference one highlight at a time 😉 

We believe that your stories and experiences are powerful tools for change. By sharing them with our community, you contribute to a collective effort to bridge the gender gap worldwide.

Thank you for being a part of the WikiWomen initiatives, and we look forward to receiving your inspiring videos.

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