Calibra, a Wikimedia leadership capacity-building initiative from Brazil

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The Calibra program is a training initiative offered by Wiki Movimento Brasil with the aim of promoting the development of a culture and practice of strategic discussions and actions that address the specificities of being a Wikimedian in Brazil. Created with and for the Brazilian Wikimedia community, based on demands and opportunities identified in different initiatives, Calibra is empowering Brazilian Wikimedians to act as multipliers of the Wikimedia Movement through educational and cultural initiatives. The program is structured on Wikiversity, and its progress can be followed on its documentation page.

Participants, divided into two thematic axes focused on education or GLAM-Wiki, are being trained for the planning and implementation of education programs and GLAM-Wiki partnerships alongside teachers and cultural institutions in Brazil. Since the first meeting on September 16, 2023, workshops, exhibitions, debates, and practical activities have been taking place, resulting in projects that can be implemented by the trained individuals.

Topics covered in the meetings include digital platforms and artificial intelligence; Movement Strategy; Creative Commons licenses; legislation and guidelines for collections and educational institutions in Brazil; conducting and documenting dissemination initiatives; and funding possibilities for Wikimedia initiatives.

The 18 program participants are spread across Brazil, in 13 different states covering the Southern, Southeastern, Central-Western, Northern, and Northeastern regions. Their backgrounds include experiences as members of user groups, organizers of events and campaigns, Wikimedians in Residence, participants in educational programs, regular editors on Wikimedia projects, and work with volunteer communities.

Among the main capabilities and knowledge that participants have to offer their peers are:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Research
  • On-wiki Editing and Contribution
  • Multimedia Production Technologies
  • Support and Training for less experienced individuals
  • Event Organization
  • Information Organization
  • Free Licenses and Copyrights
  • Focus and Dedication

As for their expectations regarding Calibra, they include:

  • Project planning and implementation
  • Community integration
  • Network formation
  • Obtaining knowledge that contributes to the integration of their professional work with Wikimedia
  • Making the Wikimedia Movement more diverse
  • Promotion of free knowledge
  • Measures of success

At the end of the training, participants will be invited to participate in defining the future of Calibra, which will serve as a network to assist in the implementation of projects developed during the program.


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