MCDC Workshop at Turkic Wikimedia Conference 2023

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MCDC Workshop was held as a part of the MCDC Ambassador Program at the Turkic Wikimedia Conference 2023, which was held in Istanbul, Türkiye between 20-22 October 2023.


Mehman’s question and answer section – by Kurmanbek (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Members from various countries and communities attended the workshop, including Azerbaijan, Bashkortostan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Türkiye, Sakha, the United Kingdom, the Iranian Wikimedia User Group, and the Azerbaijani Community of Iran.


Kurmanbek’s Turkic Wikimedians MCDC Ambassador Program presentation – by Kadı (CC BY 2.0)

The workshop started with the presentation of Kurmanbek, MCDC Ambassador of the Turkic Wikimedians group. In the presentation, participants were informed about how and to what extent the members supported the user group while participating in the MCDC Ambassador Program.

I also discussed our first face-to-face meeting at CEE Meeting 2023 Tbilisi and the Turkic Wikimedians MCDC Program meeting we held online immediately afterward. After talking about the meetings, I explained that the members had to fill out the surveys we sent them and gave them various information about how the data obtained would be used.

At the end of my presentation, I suggested that users translate the Movement Charter titles in the suggestion list we created into their language.

Global Council and Hubs

Mehman talking about Hubs – by Kurmanbek (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Mehman told the participants about the Global Council and Hubs, which are our focus points in this workshop. The question and answer session began after the topics were explained in detail.

Here, he started by asking the participants the questions we asked in the online meeting. For example, the question was asked whether the Global Council should have 9-13 members or 17-21 members. The participants answered the questions and their answers turned into discussions. Thus, various ideas about topics were generated and discussed face-to-face.


Turkic Wikimedians’ MCDC Workshop – by Kurmanbek (CC BY-SA 4.0)

According to my observations as someone who attended the workshop, people do not yet have a clear idea about the topics. When we explained it in detail, they understood it completely, and brainstorming-like ideas began to be generated and discussed immediately. If you ask my opinion, I think we can overcome this most easily by translating these titles into our local languages. Other than that, it was a very productive workshop. The participants will take a more active role in the future processes.

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