Four roles in one Wikimedian

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As a Wikimedian, I identify myself in four ways; contributor, producer, archivist and curator. In this article, I explain these roles.

Fernanda Donato, CC BY-SA 4.0

1. Contributor

The first role is Contributor. In this role, I contribute to some Wikimedia projects such as Japanese Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Japanese Wiktionary and Wikidata. By contributing to Wikimedia projects, especially Japanese Wikipedia, I enjoy gaining knowledge and improving the infrastructure of this world. The pleasure of this role is the base of all of my activities.

2. Producer

The second role is Producer. In this role, I organize Toumon Wikipedian Club Japan, hold some editathons, negotiate with GLAM which have interests in collaborating with Wikimedians and facilitate some international projects such as Wikimedia Japan-Malaysia Friendship and Wikimedia Japan-Türkiye Friendship. It’s rewarding because I get to express my creativity and explore new possibilities with Wikimedia.

Ahmad Ali Karim, CC BY-SA 4.0
Kurmanbek, CC BY-SA 4.0

3. Archivist

We know that Wikimedia projects record our edits, and we can easily examine the history of edits. However, Wikimedia projects don’t record other important information; the history of Wikimedians, the motivation for participation, and the problems Wikimedians face.

I think it is very important to archive how Wikimedia, one of the best products of the Internet, was created and what Wikimedians thought. So what should we do? It’s simple. Make an archive of your activities and thoughts.

Based on this idea, I wrote some articles about my activities on Diff, the Wikimedia community blog. I wrote reports about editathons and interview articles with Wikimedians, including the winners of the Wikimedian of the Year. The important thing is to publish, even if it is short or of low quality. Done is better than perfect.

4. Curator

I love Wikimedia and the stories of Wikimedians. I always read articles on Diff, essays on MetaWiki, and Wikimedia-related news on platforms other than Wikimedia projects.

As a big fun of the Wikimedia stories, I feel that these stories need to be known by various people, and I am concerned that these stories need to be analysed from different perspectives. So I sometimes collect these stories and present them in an article like a curator.

Tell me your story!

If you enjoy to read this article, please write an essay about your activities or stories! I want to know more about Wikimedia and Wikimedians. Your article will entertain Wikimedians around the world and become a valuable resource for the Wikimedia history!

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