The Dagbani Wikimedians User Group holds training on Wikipedia for TACE Wiki Hub members

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TACE Wiki Hub Members

On August 5, 2023, the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group took a significant stride to foster knowledge sharing and community collaboration by organizing a comprehensive Wikipedia training program for members of the TACE Wiki Hub. The event garnered participation from both beginners and experienced contributors, aiming to equip participants with essential skills and insights into the world of Wikimedia and Wikipedia.

The training commenced with a warm and welcoming introduction of all participants, as well as the core team setting the tone for a friendly and inclusive learning environment. 

Alhaj Darajaati, a trainer at the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, took the stage to provide a comprehensive overview of Wikimedia and Wikipedia. Participants were captivated by the presentation, gaining valuable insights into the history, principles, and mission behind Wikimedia and Wikipedia.

Achiri Bitamsimli, also a trainer, then guided participants through the process of creating a username account, laying the foundation for active engagement within the Wikipedia community. This empowerment allowed participants to leave their mark on the vast repository of knowledge that Wikipedia offers.

Ruky Wunpini demonstrated how to navigate the main page, showcasing various features and tools available to participants, and participants were able to grasp the layout and functionality, enhancing their efficiency in accessing valuable resources.

In another session led by Achiri Bitamsimli, participants delved into the art of searching for existing articles and creating new ones. Valuable tips and best practices were shared, which empowered the contributors to produce high-quality content that enriches the digital landscape.

The training reached its peak during the hands-on session, where participants actively applied their newly acquired knowledge. Engaging discussions, collaborations, and knowledge exchanges embodied the true spirit of Wikipedia as individuals worked together to enhance the repository of information.

As the event approached its conclusion, members of the core team shared their thoughts and reflections, acknowledging the incredible potential of community-driven knowledge-sharing initiatives. Awinebotima, with heartfelt eloquence, delivered the closing statement, expressing gratitude to all attendees and reiterating the significance of their contributions to this ongoing endeavor.

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