Empowering the Wikimedia Movement: A Closer Look at the Affiliations Committee

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Are you curious about the working of the Wikimedia movement affiliates, the recognized groups that help shape its diverse and global presence? If so, we’re taking a closer look at the Affiliations Committee, or “AffCom” for short. AffCom is a vital part of the Wikimedia ecosystem.

What is AffCom?

AffCom is a committee connected with the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. The committee’s mission is to facilitate the creation, growth, and sustainability of Wikimedia affiliates around the world. AffCom is primarily responsible for recognizing, guiding, and supporting Wikimedia affiliates. Affiliates are formally recognized groups, such as chapters, user groups, and thematic organizations, united by their shared mission to support and promote Wikimedia projects. Affiliates are crucial in advancing the Wikimedia mission on a local, regional, and thematic level.

How does AffCom support affiliates?

Recognition: Reviewing applications from emerging Wikimedia affiliates to grant them official recognition, which enables them to use the Wikimedia name and logos, and access resources provided by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Support: Offering ongoing support to affiliates in the form of mentorship, advice, and assistance to help them achieve their goals and effectively contribute to the Wikimedia projects.

Conflict Resolution: Handling affiliate-related disputes and issues when they arise, ensuring that the Wikimedia movement remains cohesive and focused on its mission.

Capacity Building: Assisting in the development of affiliate governance structures, community engagement strategies, and other aspects crucial to the success of these organizations.

Who Are AffCom Members?

AffCom consists of volunteers from around the world with extensive experience in the Wikimedia movement. They are often active in various affiliate groups themselves, and their expertise in community building, governance, and Wikimedia knowledge makes them well-suited to evaluate and support affiliate organizations.

Becoming a member of AffCom

Joining AffCom is a responsibility to the communities and the future of the movement. Here are some expectations of AffCom members:

A strong commitment to the Wikimedia mission and values.

Appreciation and respect for the diversity of Wikimedia affiliates and work towards promoting an inclusive environment.

Effective communication to engage with diverse communities, affiliates, and fellow committee members, fostering positive and respectful interactions.

Efficiency in responding to inquiries and communications, ensuring that matters are addressed in a timely manner.

A good understanding of the different types of affiliates, such as chapters, user groups, and thematic organizations, and the specific needs and challenges they face.

A neutral and impartial stance when dealing with affiliate recognition and conflicts, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Contribution of knowledge, experience, and insights to support the committee’s work. Active participation in committee discussions, deliberations, and reviews is crucial.

Conflict Resolution with fairness and professionalism. Members may be involved in resolving conflicts and disputes.

Learn more about AffCom and how you can join to support affiliates in the movement

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