Movement Charter Conversations in the Kashmiri Community

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In this era of constant transformation, the Wikimedia Movement recognizes the necessity to adapt to the evolving landscape, shaping strategies that cater to its diverse community. An integral aspect of this progress has been the collaborative effort to develop a Movement Strategy. One of the pivotal outcomes of the 2030 Movement Strategy recommendations, particularly Recommendation number 4, underscored the imperative need to “Ensure Equity in Decision Making.” This led to the idea of drafting the Movement-Wide Charter to define roles and responsibilities for all the members and entities of the Wikimedia movement, including laying out a new Global Council for movement governance, undertaken by Movement Charter Drafting Committee. The drafts were open for feedback from all stakeholders including individual volunteers and affliates.

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The Kashmiri Wikimedians User Group, is an affiliate of Wikimedia Foundation, actively involved in promoting Wikimedia projects in the Kashmiri language. In a recent initiative the User Group organized Movement Charter Conversations to gather feedback from the Kashmiri Community regarding the drafts (Global Council, Hubs, Roles & Responsibilities and Glossary) published by the Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC). This project received funding from the Wikimedia Foundation through the Movement Charter Ambassadors Program and was led by User:511KeV, Movement Charter Ambassador for the Kashmiri Language.

Project implementation

The project underwent systematic segmentation into the following phases to ensure smooth and efficient execution.

Translation Phase

The initiative commenced with a translation phase, during which the Movement Charter drafts (Global Council, Hubs, Roles & Responsibilities and Glossary) were translated into Kashmiri language. This step played a vital role in breaking language barriers, making the Movement Charter accessible to a broader audience and fostering an environment of inclusion.

Outreach Phase

Outreach was a crucial component to ensure participation. Leveraging various communication channels such as Telegram, Discord, Village pump, Movement Charter Conversation page and email invitations. It played a pivotal role in ensuring that participants were well-informed and had ample opportunity to engage in the Movement Charter Conversations.

Survey Phase:

Following the outreach phase, the survey phase was implemented to gauge participant availability and support needs. A pre-meeting survey was conducted, providing valuable insights into the community’s preferences and availability for the forthcoming discussions. This approach not only facilitated tailored engagement but also demonstrated a commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of the participants.

(Screengrab of Pre-Event Survey Response)

Conversation Phase

The heart of the initiative unfolded on October 17 with the commencement of the Conversation Phase. Structured as both group sessions and one-on-one interactions, this phase aimed to facilitate detailed discussions on the Movement Charter drafts. Participants were equipped with the necessary background and resources, fostering an environment conducive to thoughtful and constructive conversations.

Group Sessions

  • 17th October 2023: The first meeting was centered around providing a background on the Movement Charter, equipping participants with resources to familiarize themselves with the published drafts.
  • 22nd October 2023: The subsequent group meeting involved a detailed analysis of the drafts, encouraging thoughtful discussions among participants.

Individual Sessions

Following group discussions, two additional one-on-one sessions were organized on 29 October 2023 & 11 November 2023, providing participants opportunities to delve deeper into specific aspects of the Movement Charter and express individual insights and concerns.

Community Response

Kashmiri Wikimedians actively participated in the online consultations, with eight members providing the feedback on the drafts. The initiative received appreciation from the members of the User Group, with one participant expressing gratitude for the sense of ownership and importance instilled through this engagement. They remarked,

“اگرچہ کیٚنٛہہ پاسن منٛز ہیٚکہِ سٲنؠ مہارت محدوٗد ٲسِتھ، مَگر یمہٕ کَتھ باتھ سٟتؠ گوو اسہٕ منٛز تحریکس اندر ملکیت تہٕ اہمیتُک احساس پٲدٕ ، یمہٕ سٟتؠ یتہٕ صحیٖح معنن منٛز قدر ہُنٛداحساس چھُ گژھان ۔”


This Kashmiri text translates to:

Although our expertise in certain aspects may be limited, this engagement has instilled in us a sense of ownership and importance within the movement, fostering a feeling of being truly valued here


The Movement Charter Conversations in the Kashmiri Community reflects the movement’s commitment to inclusivity and equity. By actively involving the smaller community in such decision-making processes, the initiative fosters a sense of belonging and value among its members. As the movement progresses, these efforts pave the way for a more equitable and collaborative future, where every voice contributes to the collective journey of empowerment. This initiative stands as a significant milestone for both the Wikimedia Movement and Kashmiri Wikimedians, showcasing the inclusion of a smaller community in the process of making decisions that affect the entire movement

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