Diffquote Volume 5 (7 October 2023)

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In this post, I quote some Diff posts published between 1 October 2023 and 7 October 2023.

The WikiWomenCamp logo

WWC2023‘s report tells us how the logo of WikiWomenCamp 2023 was created.

The journey of ideating and creating the WikiWomenCamp 2023 logo was a thoughtful and deliberate process. The WikiWomenCamp team worked closely with the Wikimedia Foundation Brand team and poured their hearts and minds into its creation, engaging in extensive discussions about the myriad concepts and symbols associated with women-centric movements. 

After much contemplation, we embraced a design philosophy that favored simplicity and depth. The result is the logo that now stands before you, a visual embodiment of our commitment to inclusivity and unity. 

At its core, the logo revolves around the idea of circles, inclusivity, and mandalas, representing the unbroken bonds that tie us all together. It signifies not only the strength of individual identities but also the interconnectedness that empowers us when we stand together. 

WWC2023 (2 October 2023) “Empowering through Design: The WikiWomenCamp Logo Unveiled” Diff.
BFlores (WMF), CC0

Football, Paleontology and Wikimedia

A Diff post called “Minimal stories from Wikimedia editors: football and paleontology, a matter of love” introduces a curious story.

Our peer Damián Pérez, from CENPAT, discovered and published in Ameghiniana two new species of brachiopods of the genus Discinisca. One of them, named Discinisca messi, pays tribute to Lionel Messi. We wrote an article and left a few lines in the football icon’s Wikipedia article, in the section social impact. The other species,Discinisca porvenir, is named after Club El Porvenir, of which Damián is a fan. El Porve (as the club is affectionately named by its fans) is in Primera Nacional B of Argentine soccer and is based in the City of Gerli, cut in the middle by the boundary between the districts of Lanús and Avellaneda (I found out by reading the Wikipedia article).

Since its creation, the page of the species Discinisca messi was visited 13 times more than its sister species, Discinisca porvenir. We find a similar pattern in the visits to the escuerzos: that of the Dibu has between 5 and 16 times the visits of the other escuerzos of the same genre, which are also alive, and therefore it is more expected that they will be searched in the encyclopedia (data obtained of Page Views). It is clear to us that the community reads more about paleontology if it associates these species with soccer icons. The love of soccer and paleontology come together in Argentina.

Fernando Archuby and Equipo de Wikimedistas de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (2 October 2023) “Minimal stories from Wikimedia editors: football and paleontology, a matter of love” Diff.
Discinisca messi (Damián E. Pérez, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Nosebagbear’s legacy

Movement Charter Drafting Committee and AAkhmedova paid tribute to their member User:Nosebagbear after his death.

We extend our deep condolences to Richard’s (User:Nosebagbear) family, friends, and colleagues. His passing is a significant loss not only for the work of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee but for the entire Wikimedia Movement. Richard has been an active Wikimedian since 2018, although he started editing in 2012. He was elected by the community to be on the Movement Charter Drafting Committee. 

He strongly believed that the Movement Charter drafting process should prioritize the collective voice of the community and ensure that decisions were made at the most localized level possible. For him, one of the most binding details of the Charter was about transparency and accountability to the movement. Richard was an active member of the Committee, serving on various subcommittees such as the Global Council, Preamble, and Ratification, where he made substantial contributions.

Richard’s legacy will continue to inspire us as we work to uphold these values and advance the Wikimedia Movement Charter in the spirit of unwavering dedication.

Movement Charter Drafting Committee and AAkhmedova WMF (3 October 2023) “Movement Charter Drafting Committee’s September 2023 Updates” Diff.
User:Nosebagbear (Jason Krüger, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Fon Wikipedia was launched

Mah3110 introduced the newly launched Fon Wikipedia!

Today, Free knowledge can be shared in one more language: Fɔngbè. Fɔngbè, is the mother tongue of millions of people, mostly in Benin and Togo, and millions of others can speak it around the world. It is the most spoken national language in Benin.

After years of working in the Incubator, the Fon Community is happy about this important milestone, making the Fon Wikipedia, the first one of the Benin national language.

Mah3110 (4 October 2023) “Welcome to the Fon Wikipedia!” Diff.
Fon Wikipedia workshop (Fawaz.tairou, CC BY-SA 4.0)


I would like to thank my friend Caner (User:Kurmanbek) for creating a fantastic logo for Diffquote. I’m really happy to work with such a talented designer and Wikimedian in the Wikimedia Japan-Türkiye Friendship Project. Of course, I would also like to thank all the contributors, organisers and readers of Diff. It’s a great pleasure for me to get to know the Wikimedia movement around the world through Diff.

Kurmanbek, CC BY-SA 4.0

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