Unlocking Knowledge: Open Access Week in Bangla Wikipedia

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Bangla Wikipedia Open Access Week

In a celebration of International Open Access Week, Wikimedia Bangladesh recently hosted an editathon on Bangla Wikipedia. This event, aligned with the global celebration of International Open Access Week, occurring annually during the last full week of October, focuses on the culture of accessibility to information.

The editathon, first organized in 2015, has since become a recurring success, with subsequent editions in 2018, 2019, 2020, and the most recent in 2023. However, editathons were not organized in the intervening years due to various unavoidable reasons. The primary goal of the editathon was to create and enhance content related to open access. Since its inception, the editathon has drawn participation from over 100 dedicated Wikipedians. The collaborative efforts resulted in the creation of 134 articles. These articles cover a diverse range of topics, including open-source concepts, statements, strategies, initiatives, projects, organizations, pioneers, activists and movements. Contributors came together to share their expertise and passion for open access, fostering a collaborative environment that enriches the Bangla Wikipedia with valuable information.

YearParticipantsArticles created
OEW editathon 20152104
OWE editathon 20181115
OEW editathon 20194572
OEW editathon 20203028
OEW editathon 20231115

The impact of the Open Access Week editathon extends beyond the sheer number of articles. It signifies a collective commitment to breaking down barriers that hinder the free flow of information. By focusing on open access, the event empowers contributors to explore and document the rich landscape of open-source knowledge.

The articles generated during these editathons serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information on open access. They contribute to the democratization of knowledge, making it freely available to anyone with an internet connection. In a world where information is power, these initiatives play a crucial role in levelling the field and empowering diverse voices.

On the impact of the Bangla Wikipedia Open Access Week Editathon, it becomes evident that the key to progress lies in unlocking knowledge. By embracing open-access principles, Bangla Wikipedia and its community are not just creating articles but actively participating in a global movement to make knowledge accessible to all. This annual celebration stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative efforts in unlocking the doors to knowledge for a wider audience.

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