A Journey of a Thousand Steps

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Meetups, GLAM Photowalks and Movement Charter Conversations:
Values, Principles, Roles, Responsibilities

by Buszmail, with RalffRalff & Pilipinas Panorama Community (PPC)

Manila 20: The 20th Manila Meet-up & Movement Charter Conversation
Manila 21: The 21st Manila Meet-up & Movement Charter Conversation

Philippine Wikimedians in Manila meet to socialize and discuss.

The mission to harvest a qualified consensus from Communities in a country of 7,000 islands and eight (8) language projects was and remains a daunting task. In alphabetical order; Bicolano, Cebuano, Chavacano, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Tagalog and Waray are regional communities with fiercely independent priorities and dependencies. As head of a thematic community (intentionally not regional by self-description) based in the metropolitan capital of Manila, our constituencies find ourselves partial to opening doors and building virtual bridges. The initial hurdles were to undertake translations; such that the 2023 Movement Charter drafts were ported to Tagalog language (nationally understood by more than 29 million native and 83 million total speakers) and Central Bikol language (the standard vernacular of 5 million native speakers with numerous sub-regional variant dialects).

And from our face-to-face meetups incentivised by GLAM photowalks, it was gathered that thematic communities must thrive alongside regional affiliates.

We made progress by reaching out on the notice boards of the 8 language projects with solicitations to offer their feedback.

1. Bicol Wikipedia
2. Cebuano Wikipedia
3. Chavacano Wikipedia
4. Ilocano Wikipedia
5. Kapampangan Wikipedia
6. Pangasinan Wikipedia
7. Tagalog Wikipedia
8. Waray Wikipedia

The in-person community conversations we held were coupled with socials, and concluded with GLAM photowalks to visit the Philippine National Museum of Natural History (October 29, 2023) followed by the Museo de San Agustin and the Jose Rizal Museum in Fort Santiago, Intramuros (November 19, 2023). The thematic facet of the community conversations were not only an enticement but made apparent the vitality of Wikimedia as a platform for openness and diversity of knowledge and interest. On my part as Movement Charter Ambassador and Tagalog translator, and on the part of Bicol Wikipedia Sysop/Admin and PPC co-founder Ralff Nacor, the process of going through every word and syntax of the Movement Charter suite of drafts brought its spirit to life. Our community conversation details shall be posted in meta.

About the author
JUAN BAUTISTA H. ALEGRE a.k.a. Buszmail is a polymath musical composer, instrumentalist, litterateur, Freedom of Panorama exponent and retired corporate IT executive. He regards his post-retirement career as a full-time Wikimedian a life-changing catharsis. More bot-generated edification found here.

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