EduWiki Nigeria Community: Embracing Digital Learning Through Wikipedia

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Greetings EduWikimedians! We are excited to introduce the EduWiki Nigeria Community – an eclectic team of certified trainers, volunteers, educators, students, and professionals. Our drive? To effectively integrate Wikipedia into Nigeria’s Primary and Secondary educational system, while encouraging a community focused on knowledge exchange, skill development, and lifelong learning.

The traditional Nigerian education, historically based on textbooks, chalkboards, and designated areas for learning, is about to undergo a digital transformation. While national policies prioritize Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and ICT skills, there’s a gap in the recognition of Open Educational Resources (OER). The introduction of Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, in accordance with Nigeria National Policy on Education and UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy Framework, aims to bridge this gap.

Our Mission Includes:

  • Empowering teachers with Wikipedia’s vast potential, guiding them to weave it into their curricula.
  • Paving avenues for students to enrich Wikipedia, bringing academic perspectives to global readers.
  • Building collaborative bridges with community organizations, education authorities, and digital literacy non-profits.
  • Fostering an active community of Wikipedia enthusiasts through regular meetups and engagements.

🚀 Journey So Far

Here’s a glimpse of our strides in integrating Wikipedia into classrooms:

  • Skill Development: Over 280 Secondary school teachers trained across states like Kwara, Lagos, Abuja, and Anambra states Nigeria.
  • Implementation:Introduced Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom to over 45 students, shaping young editors of the future.
  • Community Building: Marked presence in campaigns like the Africa Day Campaign, highlighting African environmentalists and entrepreneurs.

Spotlight On Our Engagements

🌐 Looking Ahead

Our vision for EduWiki Nigeria Community doesn’t end here. We are on a mission to continually expand, inviting more educators and students to this innovative journey, turning classrooms into knowledge hubs. Join us, collaborate, and let’s redefine the future of education in Nigeria using Wikipedia!

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