Movement Charter Online Conversations in Wikimedian Communities in Indonesia.

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Movement Charter online conversations in Indonesia are being held with 6 Wikimedian Communities in Indonesia (Wikimedia Bandung, Wikimedia Banjar, Wikimedia Denpasar, Wikimedia Manokwari, Wikimedia Medan, and Wikimedia Yogyakarta). These conversations purpose to introduce about Movement Charter and to ensure that communities involved in process of decision-making. This activity is supported and funded by the Movement Charter Ambassador Program Grant.

Pre-implementation Project

Before this Movement Charter Online Conversations are started, there are things to be done first, such as understanding Movement Charter new drafts and reaching out several communities in Indonesia by contacting communities’ coordinator and providing them form to decide the schedule of conversations. Those steps are done two months before the first conversation started.

Implementation Project

As the purpose of Movement Charter Ambassador Program is to ensure that there are person who will be reaching out communities to ensure that communities involved in process of decision-making for Movement Charter, this project implemented any steps that help communities understanding Movement Charter new drafts such as translating, and community engaging (online conversation) in purposes for obtaining any needs or feedback of Hubs & Global Council drafts from the communities.


Language target for translation activity is Banjar language as lingua franca in South Borneo, and one of language Wikimedia Projects (Wikipedia Banjar, Wiktionary Banjar, and Wikiquote Banjar). This language is also language that being spoken by Wikimedia Banjar communities’ members, one of the communities which will be engaged in conversation about Movement Charter. While, Others communities use Bahasa as language instruction for Movement Charter drafts or during conversation.

Conversation Phase 

Conversation phase was held in online way using google meet with the schedule that been decided by every community.

The conversation was held for an hour and a half with several sections such as, presentation, reading session, asking and question session, and providing feedback. Every community are also provided with google document so that they would provide feedback during and conversation directly writing it into document.

To ensure that the conversations kept in line with purpose of this 2nd round of Movement Charter Ambassadors. The communities were given with guideline questions about Hubs and Global Council. However, it is welcome for community to share what they need to Movement Charter.

Community Responses

Various responses given by 36 attendees in communities. Most of them never heard about Movement Charter, how Movement Charter impacts on their communities, and what their roles in this Movement Charter. However, they are interested in progress of Movement Charter and ask to keep in touch with them regarding to progress of Movement Charter.

Communities, as well, provided feedback to new drafts of Movement Charter, Hubs, and Global Council. One of example is about Hubs. Some of them wanted affiliates can join many Hubs because effectiveness and diversity value. In other hand, some of them thought that it should be a rule to limit affiliates can join Hubs.


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