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Navigating the Wikimedia Movement Charter: Insights from the MCDC Conversation

On the vibrant day of October 29, 2023, Wikimedia enthusiasts gathered at the Muhazi Resort Wikimedia Rwanda community retreat to improve retention and bring the community together beyond editing , one of the unique and enlightening session led by executive team, and sub session led by MCDC Ambassador Rebecca Jeannette Nyinawumuntu. The focal point of this session discourse was the Movement Charter, offering participants an opportunity to delve into its intricacies and understand its profound impact on the Wikimedia community.

Understanding the Audience:
The session was meticulously designed for those curious minds within the community, eager to self understand the mysteries of the Movement Charter everyone could share what he/she Know about Movement charter and comprehend how it shapes the Wikimedia movement. The aim was clear – to provide a comprehensive understanding of the charter’s significance.

Activities and Engagement:
Beyond the conventional approach of presentations and talks, the session took a refreshing turn with fun games and activities. Participants were encouraged to connect with each other, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. The agenda included familiarizing everyone with the Movement Charter and prompting individuals to share their interpretations of critical concepts such as Hubs, UCoC (Universal Code of Conduct), and Roles and Responsibilities, Glossaries.

General Responses and Insights:
The diverse group of attendees shared a spectrum of responses, reflecting the varied levels of familiarity with the Movement Charter. Some participants admitted to hearing about the MCDC but were uncertain about its nature. Others found the concept of the Movement Charter to be complex and intricate. The question of individual responsibilities within the movement also emerged, highlighting a common query among participants.

Community Sharing in groups and retour with feedback understands from Movement Charter

I read the document? Not sure.

It is clear that listening is easier than reading a huge document, I preferer discussing movement charter the go and read alone. Niyigena Jaques Said.

Peace Teta said that I have no idea about MCDC since I am new in the community but I heard Rebecca talking about it in the last event I would love to know more about it.

Hubs would be a better thing to unite communities in the region , I heard about it when it was being surveyed in east Africa community but we would love to know the feedback and what is our roles and Responsibilities in the Hub and in the movement in General Germain92 said.

Moving Forward:
As the community takes strides towards embracing the principles outlined in the Movement Charter, the insights gathered from this session become crucial. It is evident that there exists a need for continued dialogue, support, and education to bridge the gaps in understanding. The enthusiasm and curiosity demonstrated by the participants at the Wikimedia Rwanda community retreat serve as a testament to the importance of ongoing initiatives to educate and empower Wikimedia contributors.

The MCDC conversation held on October 29, 2023, stands as a pivotal moment in the journey of the Wikimedia community towards a deeper understanding of the Movement Charter. With Ambassador Rebecca Jeannette Nyinawumuntu leading the way, the event not only disseminated information but also fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among the participants. As the Wikimedia movement evolves, such sessions play a crucial role in ensuring that every contributor is equipped with the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in shaping the future of this dynamic community.

Future Activities, Events 9th December 2023 MCDC Conversation

On Saturday 9th December 2023 Wikimedia Community Kinyarwanda Speaking community will gather at Classic Hotel Kicukiro to have extended and deep Movement Charter Learning session about The Global Council Hubs Roles & Responsibilities we invite everyone who is willing to share the same vision with us please register here (Google Form).

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