Wikimedia Fulfulde Community Launches Networks and Hubs to Maximize Impacts

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In its recent activity, the Fulfulde Wikimedians Community; a group of dedicated Wikimedia volunteers who work to enrich wiki projects like Wikipedia and its sister projects in Fulfulde language launched its first four new affiliates comprising, 2 networks, a hub and a fan club to boost the community impacts and activities across Wikimedia movement’s projects.

The launching of these new fan clubs and networks is part of the community’s 3 months long run planned activities in a project titled, Wikimedia Fulfulde Community Enrichment and Hubs Launching supported by the Wikimedia Rapid Funds with a goal to determine the impact of long-term planned activities in engaging and retaining new participants by keeping them engaged in constant contributions to Fulfulde Wikipedia being a small community that’s just growing up. The main goals of the project are outlined below:

  • Community Enrichment: to engage all the existing contributors and the newbies and boost their level of contributions in this three months long run project.
  • Collaboration and Inclusion: to use this project to improve the level of coordination and collaboration among the Fula Wikipedia editors and offer our best to ensure we bring in and bridge gender inclusion, age and geographic gaps, and for those living in remote areas.
  • Fan Clubs Launching: to use this opportunity to launch the identified communities as hubs and fan clubs of Wikimedia Fulfulde Community User Group keep them motivated and boost their level of contributions as well as to retain them.

Following the series of training, workshops and edit-a-thons which lasted for 12 weeks (three months) in six (6) physical meetups, the Wikimedia Fulfulde Community approved the launching of the following four networks/fan clubs to support its mission:

  • Fulfulde Wikimedia Yobe Network
  • Fulfulde Wikimedia Gombe Network
  • Fulfulde Wikimedia Wikidata Lexicographers Club
  • Fulfulde Wikimedia Commons Photographers Hub

Together, Fula editors from these affiliates made thousands of edits and across Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons during this 3 months period of their inauguration.

Some of the women participants during one of the training sessions
Some of the participants taking hands-on practical training on Wikipedia and its sister projects in one of the event days
Modibbo Salleh Balla one of the facilitors during the training

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