Lights Out, Keyboards Off: Diff’s Brief Hibernation Until 2024!

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It’s that time of year again. Diff is going into hibernation until the New Year starting on 22 December. We’ll be back to publishing on the 2 January. If you submit something between now and the 22nd we should be able to publish it, but after that date we’ll have a pause until the new year. 

Thanks again to all those who have taken the time to read and write here on Diff. All the submissions, comments, bug reports, editorial comments, shares, subscriptions, and views are the reason we keep showing up. 

A quick recap of 2023 on Diff

This year we’ve published 1,390 posts. That’s twice as many posts in 2022 (654) and four times our publishing output in 2021 (341)!

Those posts came from over 469 authors – from researchers, hackers, individual editors, Foundation staff, and affiliates. Thank you all for taking the time to write about your work and to share it with the wider movement here on Diff.

Diff saw 224,544 visitors in 2023 who viewed the site 413,528 times. Which is an increase of 5% over 2022 (392,771 views). 

We’re now at 955 email subscribers. Haven’t subscribed yet? Well, do we have a link for you!

Visitors come from all over the globe. Here are the top ten countries by views. 

  1. United States – 113,798
  2. India – 27,154
  3. Japan – 26,817
  4. United Kingdom – 18,858
  5. Germany – 13,893
  6. Canada – 10,675
  7. Nigeria – 8,977
  8. Brazil – 8,065
  9. Indonesia – 7,327
  10. France – 7,228

Curious about what folks are reading? Here are the most viewed posts in 2023:

  1. Wikimania 2023 Scholarships Open: Apply Now! – 11,381
  2. Get ready to rock ‘n’ scroll: Here are the English Wikipedia’s ten longest featured articles – 9,202
  3. Wikipedia’s new look makes it easier to use for everyone – 8,446
  4. Have you heard? Wikimedia has a Sound Logo – 8,349
  5. U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Wikimedia Foundation’s Challenge to NSA Mass Surveillance – 5,120
  6. Get inspired by the winners of Wiki Loves Monuments, the world’s largest photo contest – 4,519
  7. Public Domain Day 2023: Opening a treasure trove of art, science, and literature – 4,294
  8. Stepping into the future: Wikimedia projects’ transition to Creative Commons’ 4.0 license – 3,997
  9. Dark mode is coming – 3,929
  10. Introducing the unique devices dataset: a new way to estimate reach on Wikimedia projects – 3,423

Two of which are older posts, the rest were all published in 2023!

Thank you again for reading and writing and we’ll see you in the new year.

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Dear Diff staff

I appreciate your efforts to maintain such a great media. Thanks to Diff, we can learn about various stories around the world, and valuable Wikimedia activities are archived. I think it is very good for Wikimedians and Wikimedia itself. I hope 2024 will be a brilliant year for you!

Diff is a very nice place. I get very excited while writing and reading. We hope to share our successes within the Wikimedia Movement with more posts in 2024!