Wikimedia and You: Revitalizing Igala Language on Wikimedia Platforms

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On July 1, 2023, a hybrid event centered around revitalizing the Igala language within Wikimedia platforms took place at the Boroffice Hall, National Space Research and Development Agency in Abuja, Nigeria, and on the Zoom platform. This event, generously sponsored by WikiTongues, aimed to heighten awareness about the significance of preserving and promoting the Igala language. Attendees were equipped with practical knowledge on contributing to the Igala language Wikipedia on Wikimedia Incubator.

Event Overview

The event commenced with an introduction highlighting the importance of language preservation and the imperative to revitalize the Igala language. Tochi Precious, Wikitongues Wikimedia in Residence, delivered a compelling presentation on the historical and cultural importance of the Igala language. Emphasizing the urgent need for revitalization, Tochi Precious effectively conveyed the message of language preservation and underscored the potential impact of Wikimedia platforms in achieving this goal. Leveraging her expertise, Tochi Precious encouraged participants to actively contribute to the Igala language Wikipedia on the Wikimedia Incubator.

Following the introduction, Mohammed Fuseini Kamaldeen delivered a comprehensive presentation on the technical aspects of incorporating a databox into articles on the Igala language incubator on Wikimedia. Mohammed’s presentation provided step-by-step instructions and practical examples, enabling participants to grasp the process of databox integration. His presentation significantly enhanced the technical knowledge and skills of the attendees. Additionally, Mohammed explained various facets of the Wikimedia Incubator, shedding light on the incubation process, guidelines for creating new articles, and offering valuable tips for editing and improving existing content. His expertise and insights deepened participants’ understanding of how the Wikimedia Incubator functions

In a collaborative effort, Henry Emmanuel and Ogali Hilary explained and demonstrated the account creation process to newcomers. Agnes Abah made a presentation on editing Wikimedia Incubator, providing a detailed demonstration of the platform navigation. She also encouraged participants to share their knowledge and contribute to the growth of the Igala language incubator. The practical session provided participants with hands-on experience, solidifying their understanding of the editing process.


The event dedicated to revitalizing the Igala language on Wikimedia platforms, sponsored by WikiTongues, was a resounding success. The presentations offered valuable insights, technical knowledge, and practical guidance, enhancing participants’ understanding of the importance of language preservation and their ability to actively contribute to the Igala language incubator. We express our sincere gratitude to WikiTongues for sponsoring the event and supporting our efforts to revitalize the Igala language. Your contribution played a vital role in making this event a success. Moving forward, our aim is to continue fostering a robust community of Igala language enthusiasts dedicated to the ongoing revitalization and preservation of the language on Wikimedia platforms

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