Movement Charter Conversations in the Fiji Hindi-Speaking Community

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The Fiji-Hindi-speaking community is spread across the world and stands as one of the vibrant yet untapped contributors to global initiatives within the Wikimedia movement. Among the critical discussions shaping the movement, the Movement Strategy stands out as one of the most crucial topics. It’s imperative to involve and engage the Fiji Hindi community in the Movement Charter discussion to acquaint them with ongoing updates. The Ambassador program is pivotal in ensuring equity in decision-making by involving the Fiji-Hindispeaking community, enhancing their awareness of the movement’s governance, and translating the Movement Charter into Fiji Hindi, facilitating a better understanding of its contents in their local language.

Feedback channels included individual meetings held on October 9, 2023, in Rajbiraj, Nepal, and on October 10, 2023, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Additionally, one-on-one telephonic conversations were conducted between October 10 and November 28, 2023, and online meetings via Google Meet on October 21, 2023, hosted by Suyash Dwivedi (U:Suyash.dwivedi). The detailed feedback report is here.

Fiji Hindi Wikipedia Admins Suyash Dwivedi (U:Suyash.dwivedi) and Saroj (U:Saroj) during the Fiji-Hindi Wikimedians meetup in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Fund Dissemination Insights

Discussions surrounding the Global Council’s role in fund dissemination have surfaced from varying perspectives. Predominantly, there is an inclination towards advocating for oversight and review of Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) decisions. The insights provided by the Fiji Hindi-speaking community regarding fund allocation processes and the establishment of committees for global fund dissemination are fundamental to enhancing transparency and efficiency within the movement.

Structural Considerations for Governance

The structural considerations for the Global Council have been deliberated upon, revealing a preference for a larger council that fosters diverse representation and informed decision-making. The opinions from the Fiji Hindi-speaking community regarding council size, mechanisms for member seating, and the balance between an executive body and an advisory board are crucial in shaping effective governance strategies.

Membership Framework: Equity and Diversity

Inputs on membership limits for movement representation hold significant importance. Suggestions such as regional caps, home project/entity limits, and balanced representation from large language communities are pivotal in ensuring fair and inclusive council membership. Considerations towards diversity across thematic areas, gender balance, and varied expertise are instrumental in creating an equitable council.

Feedback on Draft Chapters: Collaborative Engagement

Feedback from various chapters emphasizes the necessity for clarity, simplification, and broader accessibility. Recommendations from the Fiji Hindi-speaking community advocating for clearer definitions, improved explanatory content, and enhanced awareness of the movement charter and Global Council formation are critical for fostering engagement across diverse global regions.

Call to Action

Active participation from the Fiji Hindi-speaking community in these discussions is integral to shaping the trajectory of the Wikimedia movement. Collaboration and contributions towards creating a Global Council that resonates with diverse voices and upholds the values of inclusivity are encouraged.


The engagement and contributions from the Fiji Hindi-Speaking Community in the discussions within the Global Council are invaluable. Their insights, recommendations, and active involvement are pivotal in shaping a future where every voice is heard, every perspective is valued, and every contribution is celebrated within the Wikimedia movement.

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