Survey | Building knowledge networks in South America around climate justice, digital rights and indigenous voices on Wikimedia

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Annually our region carries out the Wiki for Human Rights campaign, this initiative responds to the demands of users of the Wikimedia ecosystem to find relevant and reliable information on climate change and the environment as a human right. In November 2023, thanks to the funding granted by the Green Screen Coalition – Ariadne Foundation, the organizing chapters of the campaign had the opportunity to meet to evaluate the actions taken and define next actions.

At that meeting, the initiative arose to hold a face-to-face meeting in November in Huaraz, Peru, which, in addition to contributing to the cohesion of the group, would allow us to evaluate the campaign, discuss the work plan and promote knowledge alliances. Within the framework of this meeting, the need to hold an open conference was raised with the following objectives:

  • Advocate for open, free and accessible content policies on climate change and environmental issues in Spanish, Portuguese and indigenous languages among organizations that document and communicate on environmental rights.
  • Create a space where indigenous leaders have a voice and digital rights activists from Peru and South America can learn from their experience.

In order to map the feasibility of this meeting, the interests and needs of the participating organizations, among other aspects, we need to know the opinion of the activists linked to the theme within the Wikimedia movement. That is why we invite you to complete the following survey, which will be available until February 1, 2024.

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