2023 Almanac of Wikimedians in Türkiye

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Let’s take a look at the activity carried out by Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey (WMTR), the community of the Wikimedia Movement in Türkiye, and its members in 2023. You can access the annual report published by Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey from this link.


We were guests of the Tourism Marketing course at Ondokuz Mayıs University. This year, as homework, we met with students who developed content about the touristic places of the Central Black Sea for Wikipedia as part of a project of the Central Black Sea Development Agency.

Students from Üsküdar University Philosophy Club and Wikipedia Student Club came together on January 12, 2023 and started working to develop Wikipedia articles about female philosophers. After the event, the birthday of the Wikipedia project, which started with the registration of the wikipedia.org domain name on January 15, 2001, was celebrated by cutting a cake.


On February 6, 2023, after the 2023 earthquakes, one of the largest earthquake disasters in Türkiye, a study was initiated to prevent information pollution on Wikipedia and to compile the most accurate information about the earthquake disaster on Wikipedia. (meeting notes in Turkish)

Güneş, one of the Wikipedians in Turkey and also an author, donated his book “The Life Story of Veteran Industrialist Kamil Tolon” to Wikisource (book in Turkish)


İstanbul Bilgi University Psychology Department students prepared for the assignment of writing a Wikipedia article about psychologist women. In the 2-hour session, students will learn how Wikipedia works; They learned reliability, referencing, valid sources, and the concept of notability. They shared their questions about adding sources and using the translation tool (created articles)

Digital volunteering at Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University students got to know digital volunteering with Wikipedia. In the course, which was partly face-to-face and partly online, the concept of digital volunteering, the Wikimedia Movement and producing voluntary content for Wikipedia were discussed.


A presentation was made to the students of Bezmialem Vakıf University Vocational School of Health Services about the principles of creating articles on Wikipedia, the practices carried out to develop quality content on health in the world, and the Wikipedia training programs implemented in the faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Electoral Acquis edit-a-thon

Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law students examined election law articles on Wikipedia. After the presentation on the functioning and principles of Wikipedia and the structure of the Wikimedia Movement, articles related to election law and election legislation in Türkiye were examined, and how it could be improved and how law school students could contribute were discussed (activities)

We took part in the event organized by the Health, Culture and Sports Department with Medipol University students. The Free Encyclopedia introduced Wikipedia through the editors’ eyes and shared their personal experiences about contributing to Wikipedia.

Troy Museum event

At the event at the Troy Museum, museum curators and excavation teams came together with Wikipedians to make up-to-date information and visuals about the archaeological sites in Çanakkale, ongoing excavations and unearthed finds visible on Wikipedia. Volunteers emphasized that Wikipedia is a very suitable medium to bring the knowledge of experts and institutions in every field to the public and stated that they want to make the ancient cities in the region more visible on the internet by continuing this work under the name “Wiki Loves Troy”.


Within the scope of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic events, an edit-a-thon was organized hosted by Suna Kıraç Library. After the presentation on the functioning of Wikipedia, its rules, and how to cite sources, they worked on the biography articles of the names they chose, and these studies were presented to the Republic on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

4th Art+Feminism edit-a-thon was held in Istanbul, hosted by Kadir Has University.

Wikipedia 101 Cover Image

The Wikipedia 101 project, which was carried out within the scope of the Let’s Connect project, was carried out in cooperation with Kurmanbek (Caner) from Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey, Mrb Rafi from Notre Dame English Club and Aaqib Anjum Aafi from Deoband Community Wikimedia.


Wikipedians met on July 3 at the online edit-a-thon, organized in cooperation with the GAR-Migration Research Association, to improve the content on Turkish Wikipedia about refugees and migration.


Wikimedians in Türkiye participated in Wikimania 2023 Singapore. Basak made a presentation about Wikipedia education programs in Türkiye, and Kurmanbek made a presentation about the activities of the Turkic Languages User Group.

At Darüşşafaka Schools, a meeting was held with secondary school and high school department teachers in two separate online presentations. An online meeting was held to introduce Wikimedia projects to Darüşşafaka teachers and give them ideas on integrating them into their lessons. After a presentation on the functioning and principles of Wikipedia and its sister projects, two geography teachers gave information about the contribution assignment to Wikipedia they gave their students in their classes, the evaluation method they applied, and the results obtained.


Wikimedians from Türkiye came together at CEE Meeting 2023 in Tbilisi. Kurmanbek made a presentation about the Turkish Languages User Group and the activities of student clubs in Turkey, Zafer about the tactics of finding partners for Wikipedia education programs at universities, Basak about AffCom, and Vikipolimer about the Adiutor tool.


Turkic Wikimedia Conference was held in Istanbul in cooperation with Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group and Wikimedia CUG Turkey.

A commemorative book was created on Turkish Wikipedia for the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Republic of Türkiye. Wikipedians were invited to donate a Wikipedia article for the centenary. As of December 2023, 117 articles have been created to commemorate the centennial.

Adem from WMTR organized a workshop on 14-15 October to introduce Wikipedia to children in Suşehri district of Sivas and how they can contribute.


WMTR met with Kadir Has University students within the scope of the 100th-anniversary events of the Republic. The 100th Anniversary of the Republic Edit-a-thon was held as part of the meeting.

At the event held at the Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, licensing of Digital Cultural Heritage with open licenses and sharing through Wikimedia Projects were discussed.

Wikimedians were guests of Eryaman Doğa College’s t-MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminars. At the event, topics such as Wikimedia volunteers’ initiative to compile all the world’s knowledge and present it to everyone in their native language, and being bold and volunteering were discussed.

İstanbul Bilgi University Wikipedia Student Club organized a Japan-themed Edit-a-thon within the scope of the Wikimedia Japan-Türkiye Friendship Project.


At the event held at Istanbul Bilgi University within the scope of a project called “Artificial Intelligence Literacy”, a group of academics working on artificial intelligence and professionals from various non-governmental organizations in Turkey came together. Digital Information Association and Wikimedia community members Basak, HakanIST and Nevit attended the meeting.

Photos from 50 countries were shared in the International Wiki Loves the Earth Contest. The photograph that brought third place to Türkiye was Cüneyt Gümüşhaneli’s Sunset over Kıztepesi photograph from the landscape category. Refik Demir’s photograph of Gito Plateau won the seventh prize.

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