WWC 2023 Beyond Programming: Elevating Conference Impact by Crafting Memorable Experiences

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In the bustling landscape of Wikimedia events and conferences, each gathering is a unique tapestry woven with diverse themes, cultures, and attendee profiles. The meticulous planning and dedication put forth by the Wiki Women’s Camp COT were not only directed toward shaping an enriching program but also toward curating exceptional experiences beyond the conventional agenda.

With India hosting its first truly global Wikimedia conference after a long time, it was of immense importance for us to showcase the culture, diversity, and hospitality of the country while ensuring we keep true to the core theme of the WWC conference – Map Up, Rise Up!


Ensuring great experiences for conference participants is paramount as it goes beyond the core program, directly impacting the overall success and long-term impact of the event. While a well-designed program is crucial for delivering valuable content, the participant experience encompasses various elements that contribute to engagement, satisfaction, connections, and lasting impressions.

Furthermore, a focus on participant experience reflects the organizer’s commitment to attendee well-being, safety, and comfort. Seamless logistics, thoughtful use of technology, and cultural showcases are a few ways to provide a hassle-free experience, allowing participants to concentrate on the content and interactions.

Ultimately, the success of a conference isn’t solely measured by the content presented but by the enduring impact on participants. Prioritizing their experience contributes to building an engaged community, encouraging future attendance, and establishing the conference as a reputable and sought-after event within the movement. 

Here’s how the Wiki Women’s Camp- COT focussed on the experiential enhancement of the Camp attendees, with Indian hospitality at its center. (this may be of use while planning your conference or convening).


Participant Telegram Group: One of the first measures adopted by the COT was to create a participant Telegram Group where key information, reminders to follow UCoC, follow-ups, and query responses were given by members of the COT. This also enabled more familiarity with fellow participants and the initiation of bonding. 

Travel Guide: Closer to the conference the COT created a robust and comprehensive Travel Guide which was shared with all the participants ahead of the conference through email, telegram messages, and sessions. This guide included all important information required from a pre-, during, and post-travel perspective. 

EESHA Mascot: The WWC COT launched EESHA- the camp’s mascot. EESHA aimed to spread positive energy and create a vibrant atmosphere throughout the event. It was also the carrier of all important updates and information and was on Telegram connecting with all the participants with key information about their travel, logistics, and the program schedule. 

Ps: Did you know EESHA was manned (yes manned) 24*7 during the camp by 2 male volunteers?


Pick Up and Drops: To ensure our participants don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting to the venue, the organizers decided to provide airport pick-up and drop-offs for all the participants and EESHA got in touch with them with the details. 

Accommodation: The accommodation was chosen keeping in mind participant comfort and the ease of accessibility. In an attempt to make the experience of the participants more robust, the hotel management arranged a cultural welcome and performance, customized key card jackets, a customized welcome platter and amenities, and more. All to ensure our participants felt warm and comfortable at each step of their WWC 2023 journey.


The heart of the experience lay in the cultural showcases. From Punjabi and Rajasthani performances to historic city tours and a memorable closing dinner, every moment was a celebration of India’s rich heritage and hospitality.  

Additionally, the food and beverage options were curated keeping in mind not only dietary preferences & hydration indexes but were a showcase of the gastronomic delight a trip to India must offer; they were invitations to immerse in the warmth and diversity of the host country.

In the pages of the Wiki Women’s Camp, the COT scripted an emotional narrative that went beyond the ordinary, leaving participants not only enriched with knowledge but also embraced by the unforgettable tapestry of India’s culture and hospitality. As the echoes of Punjabi rhythms and the laughter from city tours lingered, it was clear that the COT had not just hosted a conference; they had crafted a cherished chapter in the collective memory of the Wikimedia community

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