Wikimedia Awareness in Ogbomosho: Increasing literacy and bridging content gap

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Wikimedia Awareness in Ogbomosho was a project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation aimed to launch the inaugural Wikimedia training in Ogbomosho and also to bridge local content gap of the town on Wikipedia and it’s sister projects. It was targeted towards laying a solid foundation and promotion of Wikimedia products amongst youths in Ogbomosho Metropolis.

The project held between 2nd of December, 2023 to 2nd of January, 2024 was led by Taofeeq and it was started with a physical training on 2nd of December, 2023 at Pectoria Guest House, Off Maryland, Ogbomosho with 50 participants in attendance. At the training, participants who were majorly new editors were introduced to Wikimedia Foundation, creation of Wikipedia articles, creation of Wikidata items and uploading notable places in Ogbomosho metropolis on Wikimedia Commons.

Thereafter the 1st online training was organized on 10th of December, 2023 for participants who are not present at the Physical Training and are absent at the launching of the program to benefit through live edit. The project lead Taofeeq introduced Wikimedia and the project to the participants and creation of articles on Wikipedia facilitated by Muib Shefiu and Taoheedah trained the participants how to translate to Yoruba Wikipedia. they were also trained extensively on how to Upload pictures on Wikimedia commons facilitated by Abubakr, Tesleemah shared many insights as regards contributing to Wikimedia, and how to create Wikidata items was facilitated by Abdullahalaba

The 2nd Physical training held on 16th of December, 2023 served as a revision, follow up and further training, the facilitators attended to the concerns and questions of the participants pertaining to Wikimedia and it’s sister projects, while also revisiting and retraining them on some things.

To wrap the project up, A final training (virtual) was held on 24th of December, 2023 which served as a revision and follow up, the facilitators attended to the concerns and questions of the participants pertaining to Wikimedia and it’s sister projects. The participants expressed their satisfaction and joy in contributing towards documenting about Ogbomosho and notable people and places on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.

At the end of the project, the contribution according to statistics and outreach dashboard indicated that Over 5000 articles were edited on Wikipedia, Over 800 images were uploaded on Wikimedia Commons and 800 Wikidata items were created. the project has not only enhanced the digital literacy of the participants but it has also amplified the visibility and accessibility of Ogbomosho metropolis on a global scale thereby bridging the content gap on Wikimedia.

You can read more about the project on Meta-wiki and follow up on Twitter.

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