African Wikimedians Tech Community: My Tech Safari Experience

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The African Wikimedians Tech Community’s Tech Safari was not just an event; it was a celebration of Africa’s technical strength and a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in community growth. It is an initiative that foster empowering African communities to harness the power of technology for the greater involvement as the world revolves around tech.

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the Tech Safari, an event that brought together tech enthusiasts, Wikimedia contributors, and open knowledge advocates who shared their wealth of knowledge. This blog post recounts my experience and highlights the importance of the AWTC in driving technological advancement and knowledge sharing in Africa.

Experience and Learnings

Technological advancement and Knowledge sharing:

This event served as a way in advancing the African technological focus and also enhance free knowledge advocacy in Africa. it will empower African communities to leverage the power of technology for the greater good.

Encouraging Collaboration:

 This event is a platform for collaboration among African Wikimedians and tech enthusiasts as it gave Participants opportunity to exchanged ideas and collaborate in projects that will continue to drive technological advancement and knowledge sharing in Africa.

Empowering Communities:

Workshops on documention on equipped participants with the skills and knowledge needed to drive change in their respective communities. Through this project, participants were able to contribute to translatewiki, thereby giving their language visibility. 

Learning new ideas:

The Tech Safari was an event of learning new ideas, participants were involved in innovative approaches to content creation and dissemination. From theoretical learning to hands-on sessions on documentations 

Inclusivity and Diversity

The event unveiled the limitless possibilities that technology offers for knowledge sharing. Both the old and new participants were fully involved in the sessions.

It was a convergence of diverse minds, with participants hailing from different countries and backgrounds. This diversity enriched the discussions and workshops, providing unique perspectives on how technology can be leveraged to enhance Wikimedia projects and promote open knowledge in Africa.


One of the challenges faced during the event was poor connectivity and longer learning sessions. I will advice due to African settings, longer learning sessions should be looked into to give participants more time in their learnings.

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