My Journey with translatewiki: A Diff Story From Tech Safari to Translation Triumph

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“Wikimedia Tech Safari Program, an exciting initiative led by the African Wikimedia Technical Community and generously sponsored by Open Foundation West Africa. This virtual onboarding journey is meticulously tailored to equip you with the essential skills and insights needed to dive headfirst into Wikimedia’s dynamic tech landscape..”

What was the most enjoyable aspect of participating in the Tech Safari Program?

Certainly, the highlight for me was the opportunity to translate valuable knowledge into my native language, Hausa. As a passionate Hausa speaker, I found immense fulfillment in making information more accessible and relatable to my community. It was gratifying to simplify complex concepts and present them in a context that resonates deeply with our linguistic heritage. Seeing my translations come to life was truly rewarding.

What skills and insights did I acquire during the Tech Safari Program?

Participating in translate-wiki expanded my technical proficiency with various translation tools, platforms, and workflows within the MediaWiki environment. Moreover, I developed a deeper understanding of effective translation techniques. I learned to meticulously consider word choices, nuances, idiomatic expressions, and cultural contexts. Balancing accuracy with linguistic fluency became a primary focus. Through consistent practice and mentor feedback, my translation abilities sharpened significantly.

How am I utilizing these skills to contribute to the Wikimedia community?

I continue to apply these skills by providing high-quality translations in Hausa for articles, interfaces, and educational content across various Wikimedia projects. Facilitating access to knowledge for underrepresented linguistic communities remains a pivotal aspect of my work, driven by a profound sense of responsibility and purpose.

What advice would I offer to future Tech Safari participants?

My advice is to approach the experience without apprehension, as the translatewiki community warmly welcomes newcomers. Begin with small translation tasks and gradually progress as you gain confidence. Choose a language or topic area that ignites your curiosity and passion, as personal interest can be a powerful motivator. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance or feedback from others. Engaging in this grassroots knowledge-sharing endeavor is not only enriching but also deeply rewarding.

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