Navigating Wikimedia Tech Safari Program Through Kiwix Development&Localization (

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African Wikimedians have a rare opportunity to improve their technical proficiency, interact with the Wikimedia tech community, and support the growth of Wikimedia projects through the Wikimedia Tech Safari Program. The program’s workshops and sessions are designed to give participants practical experience and direction when navigating Wikimedia’s technical features.

I recently had the honor of taking part in the Tech Safari, an occasion that gathered together open knowledge activists, Wikimedia contributors, and tech lovers to share their vast knowledge. This blog post describes my experience and emphasizes how crucial the AWTC is to advancing technology and knowledge exchange in Africa. The Wikimedia Tech Safari Program’s schedule of events is listed below.

  • Kiwix Development & Localization: Contribute to this amazing offline Wikipedia reader and bring it to your local language!
  • Wikifunctions & Connecting the World: Master functions and bridge language barriers.
  • Toolhub Code & Smarter Wikis: Unleash your inner developer and make wikis even more awesome.
  • VideoCutTool & Wiki Videos: Explore the future of video on Wikimedia and contribute your skills.
  • Commons for Android App: Help build the app that empowers everyone to share their world.
  • Scribe’s Code & Language Magic: Contribute to Scribe and break down language barriers.
  • Wikimedia Cloud Services: Explore the powerful cloud tools that keep Wikimedia running.
  • WikiLambda Extensions: Discover the potential of WikiLambda and extend its functionality.

Experience and Learnings

1.Progress in technology and dissemination of knowledge:

This gathering helped to strengthen the advocacy for free knowledge in Africa and to advance the African technical focus. It will enable African communities to use technology to its full potential.

2. Empowering Communities:

Workshops on documention on equipped participants with the skills and knowledge needed to drive change in their respective communities. Through this project, participants were able to contribute to translatewiki, thereby giving their language visibility. 

3. Diversity and Inclusivity:

The occasion showcased the countless opportunities for information sharing that technology presents. Every participant, young and old, gave their all during the sessions.

With attendees from all nations and backgrounds, it was a meeting place for unique minds. The conversations and workshops were enhanced by the diversity of participants, who offered distinctive viewpoints on how technology may be used to improve Wikimedia projects and advance open information in Africa.

Here are some suggestions for upcoming tech attendees:

  1. Remain Curious: Since technology is always changing, it’s critical to keep an open mind and a curiosity about new things.
  2. Get Practice with Problem-Solving: Complex problem-solving is a common requirement for tech contests. Challenge yourself to solve problems by taking on challenges on sites such as LeetCode, HackerRank, or CodeSignal.
  3. Collaborate: Never be afraid to work together with people. Collaborating with others fosters creativity and allows you to gain insight from their viewpoints.
  4. Stay Up to Date: Participate in online forums, read tech blogs, and attend conferences to stay abreast of the newest developments in technology.
  5. Time Management: Use your time wisely during the competition to make sure you can finish assignments before the deadline.

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