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As an outcome of the GLAM Wiki Conference, Wikimedistas de Uruguay is facilitating a community process to redesign the public presence of GLAM Wiki on Meta, in collaboration with the broader GLAM Wiki movement and the Wikimedia Foundation. In order to do so, we are forming a working group that will work throughout April-August in revamping these pages, with the goal of presenting them to the broader community in August, at Wikimania in Poland.

We are now searching for volunteers interested in being part of this working group. The working group will have up to 10 people (including one person from the Wikimedia Foundation) and will mostly communicate in English. The call for applications is now open and you can sign up on this Google Form. The call for applications will be open till March 24, end of your day anywhere in the world.

Responsibilities of the working group volunteers will include:

  • Attend meetings and calls when necessary.
  • Give timely feedback on documents, processes for establishing community consultations, surveys, among other instruments for data collection.
  • Help with doing outreach and communicating to community members and other relevant stakeholders about the work being done.
  • Help with setting up relevant pages on Meta.

We estimate that this will take 8-10 hours a month; time commitment can fluctuate from month to month depending on the stage of the process.

Wikimedistas de Uruguay will select the people that will be part of this working group based on the following criteria:

  • Diversity: representation in language, gender, region, experience, roles in the community, years of involvement.
  • Skills and experience: different backgrounds, skills and abilities are crucial to ensuring that our GLAM Wiki pages reflect the growing diversity of our movement.
  • Motivation: demonstrated engagement with the GLAM Wiki community.
  • Commitment: ability to commit the amount of time and skills required to be part of the working group.

Any person interested in applying has to be in good standing with the Friendly Space Policy and the Universal Code of Conduct. Applicants will be screened for any violations to the UCoC or other global bans that might prevent them from being part of the working group.

For any concerns or inquiries, write to info [at] 

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Thank you Evelin for leading on GLAM on Meta initiative. It has been much needed since a while and though I can not imagine the scope and the scale of the project easily I hope you manage to do it not only in volunteer capacity, as that excludes people who are less privileged but should also be a part of it.