Inviting Proposals to Wiki Workshop Hall – A novel space for connecting Wikimedia researchers and Wikimedia movement members

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Wiki Workshop is the largest Wikimedia research event of the year, aimed at bringing together researchers who study all aspects of Wikimedia projects. We are excited to announce a new track for Wiki Workshop 2024: the Wiki Workshop Hall. The Hall will be a novel space for Wikimedia researchers and Wikimedia movement members to connect with each other. This effort will allow for building a stronger Wikimedia Research community. The name “Wiki Workshop Hall” signifies our aim for this space to be a welcoming entry point for Wiki Workshop attendees interested in learning and sparking their curiosity about different Wikimedia-related topics.

What Will Make Wiki Workshop Hall Unique?

The Wiki Workshop Hall is aimed to be dynamic, providing interactive sessions, fascinating discussions, and plenty of learning opportunities. It is a platform that connects people who may otherwise not cross paths. With this in mind, we welcome proposals that align with the interactive and collaborative spirit of the Hall and look forward to a wide variety of content: experiences and learnings, knowledge pieces, how-tos, open questions, pain points, etc. 

The Wiki Workshop Hall will consist of two rounds of 30-minute sessions. Each accepted applicant will host a virtual breakout room for their session and Wiki Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to freely navigate between sessions and interact with hosts. We will also have a general room that will serve as a social space to connect and engage!

Building Connections, Strengthening Information Flow, and Sparking Curiosity 

The goals of the Wiki Workshop Hall are threefold. First, we aim to cultivate a stronger, more connected community by facilitating meaningful connections among individuals across the Wikimedia ecosystem, researchers and non-researchers alike. This will expand the network of the Wikimedia Research community by welcoming new participants and lowering barriers to participation. By providing a space where diverse stakeholders can come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate, we strive to enrich the fabric of our community, adding both nodes and edges to the intricate graph of collaboration.

Second, we want to ensure that knowledge flows freely within the Wikimedia Movement. We recognize the wealth of expertise and insights that exist within our community and seek to unlock this knowledge by providing opportunities for individuals to share their expertise with others. In an increasingly digital world where access to information can be challenging, we aim to bridge this gap by connecting individuals to a vast reservoir of knowledge, making learning accessible and engaging.

Third, we aim to ignite curiosity and inspire exploration by bringing together diverse communities and introducing participants to new and unexpected topics. We believe that serendipitous connections and exposure to unfamiliar subjects can spark curiosity and fuel creativity. By curating diverse sessions and facilitating interactions between individuals who may never have crossed paths otherwise, we aim to broaden perspectives, expand horizons, and encourage a sense of wonder and discovery.

Submit your proposal to Wiki Workshop Hall

Whether you are a seasoned Wikimedian, a curious researcher, or simply passionate about free knowledge, we invite your contributions to the Wiki Workshop Hall. Efforts will be made to reduce participation barriers for non-researchers, and emphasis will be placed on diverse sessions across topics and functional roles. 

Learn more about Wiki Workshop Hall at and please submit your proposal by April 29, 2024 (23:59 AoE).

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