My Enriching Tech Safari Journey

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The Tech Safari program was an incredibly enriching experience that opened my eyes to the power of contributing to open knowledge. As someone with a passion for the Hausa language, I focused my efforts on translating wiki, translating content into Hausa.

What did I enjoy most?

Definitely the opportunity to take important information and reframe it in my native Hausa tongue. Breaking down complex concepts and finding the perfect phrasing to make them understandable and relevant to my community was immensely gratifying. Seeing my translations published was pure joy.

What skills did I gain?

On a technical level, I built skills using MediaWiki translation tools and workflows. But more importantly, I developed a deeper understanding of the art of effective translation. Carefully considering word choice, idioms, nuance, and cultural context while maintaining accuracy and natural language flow became paramount. Feedback from mentors helped sharpen my abilities.

How will I continue contributing?

I’m passionate about applying my skills to make knowledge freely accessible. I will keep translating articles, interfaces, and educational resources across Wikimedia sites into high-quality Hausa. Lowering language barriers enables the vital sharing of information.

Advice for future participants?

Don’t be intimidated! The translate wiki community is so supportive. Start small and build confidence. Pursue your passions – if a topic excites you, use that fuel to drive your work. Be open to learning and feedback. This grassroots knowledge movement is incredibly rewarding to be part of.

Participating in the Tech Safari was transformative. I’ve gained valuable skills and experience while feeling a deeper sense of purpose. My translations are empowering my community with knowledge. I encourage everyone to explore ways they can lend their talents to this mission.

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