Wikimixtura: living Bolivian culture

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Street food stall in La Paz city by Jail Ibañez CC BY-SA 4.0.

Wikimixtura is a series of photography and edition contests, carried out by the Wikimedistas de Bolivia User Group. These contests are designed to close content gaps on topics related to living Bolivian culture, both on Wikipedia and the broader Internet. 

Four versions of Wikimixtura took place in 2023, each with a different theme:

Carnaval: to enrich the content on typical Bolivian dances, artisans, and musicians, in the context of the Bolivian Carnaval

Cuisine: to expand the knowledge about Bolivian foods, ingredients, producers, and traders

Funeral Rituals: to gather more information about funerary traditions in Bolivia

Holidays: to generate more content about Christmas, the New Year, and other end-of-year celebrations in Bolivia

Although these four elements are essential for Bolivian culture and economy, they are not represented well on Wikipedia. For the user group, it is crucial to raise awareness about Bolivian culture and to advance its representation in the encyclopedia. That’s the main reason to promote these events.

Thanks to the Wiklimixtura contests in 2023, more than 1,200 new images depicting dance, food, mortuary rituals, and end-of-year celebrations in Bolivia were uploaded. Moreover, 40 new articles on these and other topics were published. 

Below, you’ll find a small sample of selected images, which were taken and uploaded on the different 2023 versions of Wikimixtura: 

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