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The Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) sets the standard for collaboration and behavior across the Wikimedia community and its projects. To ensure its principles are well understood and effectively implemented, the UCoC’s Enforcement Guidelines (EG) recommends the development of training modules. These are not just any modules; they are the keystones for fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all Wikimedians. Its goals are to provide a common understanding of the UCoC and skills for its implementation.

The EG mandates that varied stakeholders should be consulted in the development of the training modules. While Foundation staff have developed initial drafts for two modules, we’re extending an invitation to community members to gather their insights, feedback, and suggestions. Your perspectives are invaluable as we strive to ensure these training modules comprehensively address the needs and expectations of our global community. 

There are still some open questions relating to the EG such as: 

  • How cases will be triaged from the incident response system?
  • Who will be the instructors of the module on complex cases?
  • How will those instructors be selected? 
  • What are the details around the role of the U4C in enforcing the UCoC?

As such, the training modules will also reflect some vagueness on these topic areas and will be improved once those questions are answered.

While the modules provide a baseline understanding of the UCoC and how it will be enforced, you may feel that the way it’s structured or the examples used are not relevant to your context. Please note that the modules are just a baseline, much like the UCoC, and different communities are encouraged to develop training materials that reflect their context and needs.

If you’re interested, sign-up here so we can keep you informed about the progress! We look forward to your input on the respective talk pages

How can you help?

  • Do you have general thoughts, comments, suggestions, questions?
  • Is there anything unclear or could be phrased differently? 
  • Could a word, a sentence or paragraph be changed to make the text more translatable?
  • Do you have any ideas for making the modules more interactive?

For more information please see the Meta page Universal Code of Conduct/Training.We look forward to your participation! Please share any questions or comments you may have on the talk page.

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