Focus points of Turkish Wikipedia Student Clubs

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Within the scope of the Wikipedia Student Clubs Türkiye community, there are a total of 4 Wikipedia student clubs as of February 2024. Each of these clubs has varying focuses depending on the region and university they are located in. In this Diff article, we will hear from each student club about their focus points.

Üsküdar University Wikipedia Student Club

Our club is dedicated to empowering university students with the tools and resources to contribute to the world’s largest online encyclopedia.

At the Üsküdar University Wikipedia Student Club, we believe in the power of collective knowledge and the importance of inclusivity. Our main focus is twofold: spreading the ethos of open knowledge culture among university students and actively working on initiatives like the “Women in the Red” project to address the gender gap on Wikipedia.

Main Focus:

  • Open Knowledge Culture: We aim to instill a passion for open knowledge and collaborative learning among university students. Through workshops, seminars, and hands-on training sessions, we equip our members with the skills and confidence to contribute meaningfully to Wikipedia and other open knowledge platforms.
  • Women in the Red Project: Recognizing the underrepresentation of women on Wikipedia, our club is committed to addressing this gender gap. The “Women in the Red” project focuses on researching, writing, and editing articles about notable women who have been overlooked or marginalized in traditional historical narratives. By amplifying their voices and contributions, we strive to create a more balanced and inclusive representation of history and society on Wikipedia.


  • Weekly Wiki Workshops:Join us every week for engaging workshops where we dive into the intricacies of Wikipedia editing, citation practices, and collaborative writing techniques. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced editor, there’s always something new to learn and contribute.
  • Photowalks: Explore your surroundings through the lens of photography while contributing to Wikimedia Commons. Our photowalks combine the joy of discovery with the mission of capturing images that enrich Wikipedia articles and enhance the visual representation of diverse topics.
  • Collaborations with Other Student Clubs: We believe in the power of collaboration. By partnering with other student clubs and organizations, we expand our reach, pool our resources, and tackle complex topics from multiple perspectives. Together, we can amplify our impact and create a more vibrant and inclusive knowledge ecosystem.

Together, we can make a difference one edit at a time.

İstanbul Bilgi University Wikipedia Student Club

As İstanbul Bilgi University Wikipedia Student Club, we encourage students to learn not only to read Wikipedia but also to edit it. In addition, by collaborating in this process, we aim to teach the culture of sharing and inform students about free licenses.

We also collaborate with the Wikimedia CEE Hub Youth Group and other Wikipedia student communities around the world, enabling participants to take part in joint projects and gain knowledge with Wikimedian students in other countries.

To give an example, within the scope of the Wikimedia Japan-Turkey Friendship Project, after the sister club agreement we signed with the Student Wikipedian Community in Waseda University Tokyo, we held separate and simultaneous edit-a-thons on the Japanese and Turkish Wikipedias. These events resulted in the participants showing great interest and producing content.

In the future, we will continue to carry out similar projects jointly with student communities in our region and other regions, and to make students love and contribute to Wikimedia projects.

Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Wikipedia Society

Our primary objective is to familiarize the students of the Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus with the Wikimedia movement and its projects. We aim to impart an understanding of the value of free knowledge and promote active learning by editing. Our focus is on engaging university students while also extending a welcome to Cypriot Wikimedians beyond the university.

Istanbul Medipol University Wikipedia Student Club

The main goals of the club are to increase awareness of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, provide opportunities for students to enhance their critical thinking, learn how to use sources, enhance the writing, and research skills, and encourage collaboration within the university community by improving the quality of university resources.

The Wikipedia Club at Istanbul Medipol University is made by a set of clear objectives and engaging activities designed to enrich the academic experience of its members while contributing to the global knowledge. The objectives and activities are as follows:


  • Raise awareness among students about the editable nature of Wikipedia.
  • b. Provide students with opportunities to enhance thinking, writing, and research skills.
  • c. Improve the quality of Wikipedia and encourage students to contribute.
  • Popularize the use of Wikipedia among students.
  • Enhance the quality of both Wikipedia and university resources by transferring university content to Wikipedia.
  • To gain the ability to use correct sources and filter reliable sources


  • Equip students with Wikipedia editing skills.
  • Encourage students to add information from their respective fields to Wikipedia.
  • Organize bi-weekly Wikipedia meetings on campus in collaboration with authorities.
  • Collaborate with other university student clubs.
  • Encourage students to contribute to Wikipedia by organizing Wikitathon events.
  • Increase students’ interaction with the Wikipedia community by collectively participating in various Wikipedia conferences in Istanbul.

In short, the Wikipedia Club project is not just about learning. It is about making learning enjoyable and helping students grow in different aspects of life such as communication and networking.

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