WiR Anglophone Bi-Weekly Webinar 3.0:  Creating WikiLinks and Categories on Wikipedia

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On 21st of February 2024, Code for Africa’s Wikipedia Alliance(AWA), hosted the 3rd of the WiR bi-weekly webinar series in 2024, titled “Creating Wiki Links and Categories on Wikipedia,” the webinar was  facilitated by Yusuf Adamu a member of the Africa Wikipedia Alliance Community , and moderated by Bukola James, the Community Coordinator, CFA-AWA. This session had in attendance 11 participants which consisted of project leads and volunteer Wikimedians from Botswana, Cameroun, Nigeria, and South Africa. It provided a detailed  explanation and practical guide on creating WikiLinks and Categories on a Wikipedia article from the beginning .

Key highlights

The webinar commenced with a summary of the previous webinar on “Editing Wikipedia page from scratch”  and then proceeded to create Wiki Links and Categories on Wikipedia. In this session, the following were discussed:

  1. Understanding the theories and Wikipedia manual of style for Wikilinking, 
  2. Concepts of categories, 
  3. Tips for creating new categories, and 
  4. The importance of activating the Hotcat feature. 

During this webinar, we also discussed the purpose of categories and how to add and search for relevant categories that can improve the discoverability of articles by readers. This was an essential part of the session as it provided participants with clarity on how to improve their Wikilinking and categorisation skills on Wikipedia. The webinar included a hands-on session for participants to try out their newly acquired skills on Wikipedia with guidance from the Trainer. 

Furthermore, the webinar provided an in-depth look at the key features of Wikilinks and Categories on a Wikipedia article, highlighting the importance of creating or improving pages with elements that enhance both discoverability and navigability. 


The session was concluded with a Q&A session and words of encouragement from the facilitator, Yusuf who encouraged participants to actively engage in Wikimedia community campaigns and edit-a-thon to keep practising their skills in creating Wikilinks and categories on Wikipedia to address content gaps, and strictly adhere to Wikipedia’s core content policies and manual of styles.

For those interested in revisiting the session or those who might have missed it, the recorded version is available on the community programmes page and does well to test your knowledge on our academy Africa. Ensure you are registered for the upcoming CfA WiR Bi-weekly webinar and immerse in our vibrant community. To stay abreast of our initiatives, complete this form, and let’s shape the future together!

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