It is now much easier to edit museum articles on Turkish Wikipedia!

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“Guide to Creating Museum Articles in Turkish Wikipedia”, the content of which was written by Basak, and compiled into a book by Kurmanbek, members of the Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey has been published.

This guide, which was created to improve the museum articles on the Turkish Wikipedia and increase participation, contains various suggestions and examples, from information on how a Wikipedia editor should write a good museum article to what content should be included in the museum article.

In addition, the guide includes how to use the museum infobox used for museum articles, the meanings of each of the parameters and sample usages. In addition, how a museum item can be introduced, what titles and details the item can include, and various suggestions and examples are also included in the guide.

With this guide, we aim to improve the quality of museum articles on Turkish Wikipedia and encourage Wikipedians to write more museum articles. You can review the guidebook on Wikimedia Commons.

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