How We Celebrated Open Data Day: Empowering Students with open tools for Climate Action

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CC BY:SA 4.0 – Credit Women For Sustainability Africa

We were honored to host an exciting workshop in commemoration of the Open Data Day at the University of Environment and Sustainable Development, welcoming level 200 students to participate in an engaging training session.

The collaboration was between Women for Sustainability Africa (w4safrica), Open Knowledge Foundation (OKI), Open Knowledge Ghana (OKG), Youth Climate Council (YCC), and the University of Environment and Sustainable Development . The event aimed to equip participants with essential tools and techniques to tackle climate change effectively. From exploring open data platforms like Wikipedia to understanding the pivotal role of technology in climate resilience, attendees delved into a wealth of knowledge and insights.

Distinguished speakers from Women for Sustainability Africa, Youth Climate Council, and Open Knowledge Ghana graced the occasion, sharing invaluable lessons on the importance of open data, the role of Wikipedia for climate action, challenges in building climate resilience, data analytics for climate action, and emerging trends in technology for climate resilience.

It was intriguing for us to know that almost 90% of the students had no idea that every is welcome to contribute to Wikipedia and for most of them, they have been  with the myth that Wikipedia is not a credible site without verifying that statement themselves. Enlightening them about the value and opportunities Wikipedia offers was really intriguing to the student.

Moreover, the event served as a platform to introduce students to the Open Knowledge Foundation and Open Knowledge Ghana, the Wikimedia Community, and the Youth Climate Council enhancing a sense of community and encouraging active participation in the open knowledge movement surrounding climate change.

The enthusiasm among participants was obvious, with 51 students and a dedicated team of 7 individuals actively engaging in the session. Photos from the event capture the energy and excitement of the day, showcasing moments of learning and collaboration.

Looking ahead, participants have been enrolled in our community WhatsApp group, ensuring continued engagement and access to opportunities within the open knowledge space.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Open Knowledge Foundation for their generous support, which made this event possible. Additionally, we thank Open Knowledge Ghana and the Youth Climate Council for their invaluable collaboration and support, as well as the University of Environment and Sustainable Development for welcoming us and providing a platform to engage with their students.

We also want to acknowledge our respective guest speakers in the persons of , Richard Martey from YCC Ghana, Anita Ofori, W4SAfrica, Ruby D-Brown, Maxwell Beganim from Open Knowledge Ghana.

As we reflect on the success of Open Data Day, we are inspired by the passion and dedication of all involved and look forward to future collaborations and initiatives aimed at driving meaningful change in the fight against climate change.

All photos credit – CC-BY-SA Women for Sustainability Africa

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