Movement Charter 2nd Conversation East and Southern Africa ”Community Perspectives”

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THEME: Community perspectives

On april 25th april 2024 , from 12 PM UTC to 14PM UTC we had the Conversation on the Wikimedia Movement Charter Discussions for East and Southern Africa communities. As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure inclusivity and diversity in decision-making processes, we hosted Movement Charter conversations specifically tailored to engage communities from Swahili, Kinyarwanda, and Zulu language-speaking areas.

This conversation was the second in a series, following our initial discussion on April 11th. We appreciated that the three communities were represented even beyond and we were able to hear perspectives from various participants in different formats , taking the notes , using the chat , easy Retro platform , as well as contributing raising the hand speaking on behalf of different categories they represented for example people living with disabilities , women groups and so on . We were able to gather feedback on the current draft of the Movement Charter and we hope these insights will play a vital role in shaping the future decision-making ecosystem of Wikimedia.

The Movement Charter draft is available for your review and feedback at the following links:

We encourage every one to join the conversation which is still going on in different platforms. Together, we can collaboratively shape the future of the Wikimedia movement.

  • Read the full charter ahead of the call on April 26
  • Be ready to share thoughts and ideas in the call, we are happy to share and hear from different perspectives
  • You can put your insights on the discussion page

The conversations were successful, the participation were diverse

The first conversation were successful and the participants got the opportunity to learn more about the movement charter

Participants in the second conversation were eager to know more and engaged more .

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