Navigating the World of Wikidata: An Introduction and Hands-On Experience 1

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Welcome to the first installment of our series, “Introduction to Wikidata and Wikidata Games Competition,” presented by the Accra Hub lead, Paul Asare aka YawTuba from Open Foundation West Africa. In this session, we embarked on a journey into the realm of Wikidata, guided by the expertise of Stephen Dakyi aka NanaYawBotar. From unraveling the basics to diving into practical editing, our exploration promises an exciting venture into the world of structured data.

Understanding the Basics: The session kicked off with an engaging presentation led by NanaYawBotar, with the assistance of YawTuba. Together, they educated us on the fundamental concepts and terminology of Wikidata, laying a solid foundation for newcomers and seasoned editors alike. As we delved into the slides, the audience was captivated by the wealth of knowledge unveiled before them. However, amidst the excitement, a common question lingered: how do we translate this newfound knowledge into actionable insights? 🤔

Following the comprehensive overview, NanaYawBotar seamlessly transitioned into the practical aspect of Wikidata editing. For many attendees, this marked their first encounter with the interface of Wikidata, offering a glimpse into the intricate web of structured knowledge. From explaining what Q IDs is, to understanding labels, statements, properties, and values, every facet was diligently explained, ensuring a holistic understanding of the editing process.

Armed with newfound knowledge, it was time to put theory into practice. YawTuba facilitated a real-time item structuring session, providing a curated list for the OFWA editing community to tackle on Wikidata. As participants immersed themselves in the task at hand, a palpable sense of engagement permeated the virtual space. From novices to seasoned editors, everyone contributed to the collective endeavour, enriching the Wikidata ecosystem one edit at a time.

Reflecting on the event, each attendee walked away with valuable insights and experiences. For some, it was the thrill of learning something new from the presentation slides, while others found solace in the simplicity of NanaYawBotar’s techniques during the hands-on session. Regardless of individual perspectives, one thing remained clear: Wikidata is a vast repository of knowledge waiting to be explored, and with the right guidance, anyone can become a proficient editor.

As we conclude our inaugural session, we extend our gratitude to YawTuba Open Foundation West Africa for spearheading this initiative and to NanaYawBotar for his invaluable expertise. With each passing session, may we continue to unravel the mysteries of Wikidata, fostering a community-driven approach to knowledge dissemination. Until next time, let the journey into the depths of structured data continue.

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