Navigating the World of Wikidata: An Introduction and Hands-On Experience 2

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Open Foundation West recently hosted a workshop aimed at introducing community members to the world of Wikidata, and the event proved to be both engaging and impactful. Over the course of two days, participants delved into the intricacies of Wikidata & Wikidata Games, with a particular focus on practical editing skills. The second meet-up was led by Jesse Asiedu-Akrofi and supported by the Accra Hub led Paul Asare, the workshop provided attendees with hands-on experience using Wikidata games to edit and update information on wikidata

The second session during the new week happening online and in-person and it saw participants immersed in a series of Wikidata games, with a key focus on categories such as Person, Gender, and Occupation. Amidst the interactive sessions, questions arose regarding the necessity of utilizing Wikidata games. In response, organizers explained how these games streamline the editing process by offering a structured approach and facilitating access to items with edit issues.

In summary, the workshop not only introduced participants to the fundamentals of Wikidata but also equipped them with practical skills to navigate the platform effectively. By the end of the workshop, participants emerged equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate Wikidata effectively, ensuring verifiability and contributing to the broader Wikimedia ecosystem. As Open Foundation West looks to future initiatives, the success of this workshop underscores the importance of continued engagement with Wikidata and active participation in community-driven events.

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